Operating System

What is a Smartphone?

 The Advanced Technology Smartphone with Various Benefits             Today, the people having the Smartphone in many ways and the Smartphone’s are everywhere, without hitting the Smartphone owner. With the help of the Smartphone, the people have a wide variety of business uses that can save the money and time and keep in touch with the… read more »

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Smartphones

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Smartphones Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and the majority of smartphone that allows the user to connect to the internet. By using the smartphone the people is sending emails, making phone calls, texting, taking photos, and etc. The list of the smartphone uses multiples by the ten thousand and… read more »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones

Must Known Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smartphones Smartphone invention is the biggest achievements in the world of technology. Smartphone has a variety of options and has a number of setbacks as well. Using smartphone you do many things. The advantages and disadvantages of smartphones are useful to use the smartphone in a right way. Smartphones… read more »

History Of Operating System

Evolution Of Operating System For Computers The operating system is the vital component of the computer system. The operating system is a collection of software that manages computer hardware. The operating system provides common services for computer programs. It runs all the programs and applications and performs basic tasks like recognizing input from the keyboard,… read more »

What are the types of Operating systems?

Different Types of Operating System and Its Application             Nowadays, the operating system is the main part of our computer system. There are many operating systems have been developed for performing the operation for the user. There are many operating systems that are available on the market today. The operating system has the capability to… read more »

What is an operating system?

All You Need To Know About Operating System An operating system is a collection of program files and routines which control a computer’s resources as well as it provides access to a computer’s services. It allows a computer’s hardware components such as processors and drives, to communicate with its software components like applications and data… read more »