April 2017 - Net Wiki

3 Strategies for Thinking and Acting Courageously

Know your strengths and weaknesses, and be willing to face your fears To be successful in business, you must be bold and have the courage to take calculated risks. Courage often makes the difference between overcoming a challenge and staying stuck, paralyzed and afraid to act. The main difference between those who courageously act and… read more »

Alibaba launches program to help 1 million U.S. businesses sell to China

SAN FRANCISCO  — When Jack Ma, executive chairman of Chinese mega-company Alibaba, met with President Trump in January, he made a promise – the online sales platform would give 1 million U.S. small businesses entrée to the Chinese market. On Tuesday, Ma will announce he’s launching a program to make good on that promise. Alibaba plans… read more »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile phones

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones The advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones The mobile phone have become the necessity of every human being. In this article, we will look into the Advantages and Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones. One can’t imagine the life without it. Being a part of today’s technological world, chances are quite… read more »

What are the Different Positioning errors?

The different positioning errors in detail Positioning is the process by which a brand makes its effort to create a distinguished image in the minds of the customer. During this process the brand may come end up confusing the costumers. This is when vrious positioning errors root up. In this article various such positioning errors… read more »