Knock Knock! Who's there?

Talking About us, Tech and SEO is a blog, which exposes all those weird and wonderful stuffs happening around the milky way related to “Tech” and “SEO” (Come on, you might be pretty dumb to ask that, or blind, cause you can just make it right outta the title). And, Root Kit from Tech and SEO, is where me and my fellow writer scribble our thoughts on those weird Android related stuffs out there!

So much to speak about Tech and SEO as a whole.

So, who are those “good for nothing” freaks writing here?

Yeah, it’s myself Rohit and my friend Trishit, who’s trying to make a living out of this work space, and we are those so called “good for nothing freaks” scribbling around here. Yeah, we write about all those weird stuffs about Android related to rooting, flashing custom ROMs, custom recoveries, unlocking bootloader, blah, blah and blah.

And, unfortunately, Tech and SEO has me as their co-founder and the manager of the Root Kit department (I know, you’ll have to tolerate me for a while).

Yes, we’re the content creators for a while, and hope you do like the way we present the tutorials. So, you can contact me on my twitter page or Trishit on his facebook page!

Forget about them, who’s the man behind Tech and SEO?

It’s my friend cum boss, Sangeeth Francis James and if you got any issue with the server or something (I’m sure you won’t, cause he’s a nice guy, trust me on this one), feel free to contact him. Wanna know more about Tech and SEO, visit the site yourself by removing “rootkit” and “about/” from the address bar up there, cause I’m too lazy to link you. 😛

And… Uhm… You can’t just forget about us. We write here! -_-

I mean, it’s just not fair! Oh, forget it! 🙁

– Peace out!