The different positioning errors in detail

Positioning is the process by which a brand makes its effort to create a distinguished image in the minds of the customer. During this process the brand may come end up confusing the costumers. This is when vrious positioning errors root up. In this article various such positioning errors will be discussed.

Different Positioning errors

  • Over Positioning
  • Under Positioning
  • Double Positioning
  • Confused Positioning
  • Irrelevent Positioning

Over Positioning

Over positioing is a positioning error by which when the brand does it’s branding  it gives too much of information to the cutomers. This in turn will make the brand look like a micro niche product/service render and thus reduces all the possible business. It is always recomended to reduce the amount of re-enforcement done on the product over the brand itself.

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Under Positioning

Under Positioning is a common positioing error done by new brands. These are positioing errors when a brand fail to clearly potray what the product or service they render. The potential costumer often fail to understand the existance of the brand. A good brand managemer should always make sure the product ot service is not under positioned.

Double Positioning

Double positioning is a positioning error when a brands expected brand image in the mind of the customer vaires from that of the actual percieved image of the brand. This will adversly affect the brand if not fixed soon. It is the responsibility of the brand managers to rectify these.

Confused Positioning

This is a positioning error when a brand confuses the cosumers with what the product or service is. The consumer will have a different idea about the product from the original concept of the product or service.

Positioning errors can adversly effect the brand the brand managers should always make sure no such errors are made or encountered in the brand. A good brand management rarely comes across these kind of errors