The gamers were highly overwhelmed when Sony introduced its first console on December 3, 1994 and it shipped around 100 million units in just nine years and six months. Sony might have introduced many more gaming consoles but the PlayStation 1 is still in good books of the fanatics. And now the gamers are anxiously waiting for Sony to introduce the PlayStation 5 into the markets which is expected to take the gaming sector by storm. Nevertheless, the users might be left with a dispirited heart as there is no sign s of the gaming console to release soon and the reports have stated that the PlayStation 5 might be launched either in 2019 or 2020. And the reason why it is going to take so much time to get released is because the PlayStation 4 Pro was introduced to the gamers in November 2016.


Reports state that within 2020 each and every device would come up with a 4K resolution because of the advancements in the technologies as well as escalating expectations of the users. The PlayStation 4 Pro also came up with 4.2 teraflop GPU speed and the upcoming console by Sony is expected to sport an AMD Chipset which indicates that the graphics card of the console is going to be absolutely first-rate.

Microsoft had shed light on news regarding the upcoming PS5 that the players would experience a 4K gaming through the console for which a 6 teraflop GPU power would be equipped with the device but it seems that Mark Cerny, the system architect of Sony did not abide by the statement as he mentioned that a minimum of 8 teraflop GPU speed will be required for the gamers to experience the 4K gaming. And most of the gamers have agreed with ten introduction of 8 teraflop GPU power as it seem quite legit to them.

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Reports have also said that the upcoming gaming console by Sony will be featuring a RAM of 8 GB along with a 1 TB internal memory space which seems to be massive and quite fascinating for a gamer. Therefore, they are surely looking forward to this upgrade as the PlayStation 4 Pro came up with 1 TB internal memory space and a RAM of 8 GB.

As the advancements in the technologies are escalating, the size of the devices is getting reduced and the outlook of the gadget is becoming sleeker. Therefore, it has been mentioned that the PlayStation 5 will be extremely convenient to carry around due o its light weight and the console is going to sport an outstanding design which would have all the possibilities to grab several eye balls.

Therefore, the PlayStation 5 is definitely going to be more powerful than its predecessors.