Apple iPhone 8 Reportedly Features Higher Rating for Water and Dust Resistance

We are already into the third week of January in the year 2017 and we are continuously coming across new updates regarding the probable features of the smartphones which are going to come out in course of the year 2017. But this is something which we have been experiencing much before the New Year has set in. The smartphone which has hit the headlines more than any other smartphone that are going to be launched by its respective developer is the Apple iPhone 8. And that is understandable. After all it is Apple and it has set itself a benchmark as far as the smartphones with high-end specifications are concerned.

The latest news that has come out makes us believe that the Apple iPhone 8 is going to come out with a better protection from dust and water. The latest version of the Apple iPhone which is already available on the market has got the IP67 certification which makes the device dust resistant. It is reported that the Apple iPhone 8 is going to come out with IP68 certification which further enhance the water and dust resisting capacity of the smartphone. With the IP68 certification, users of the Apple iPhone 8 will be facilitated with a better protection against water. The smartphone will be able to withstand the long term immersion and water pressure up to certain level. So this comes as a real good news for all those who have been planning to get hold of the upcoming flagship device from Apple.

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Along with the Apple iPhone 8 has been previously rumoured to come with the A11 processor under the hood. Now the A11 processor has been developed on the basis of the 100 nanometer technology which is going to enhance the efficiency of the device by a certain amount. Also, it will enable the smartphone to consume less power which will provide a real bonus to its users.

Also, the Apple iPHone 8 is all set to run on the iOS 11 platform which is yet to be officially rolled out by Apple. But it is not too far away from the release of the latest update of the software. With the arrival of the iOS 11 on the scenes, the smartphone running on this operating system will be featuring the ‘Dark Mode’ that will enable the smartphone to adjust its brightness in correspondence with the environment. So that will definitely solve the problem for the users who often find it difficult to use their smartphones in the dark. Along with that Apple iPhone 8 featuring the iOS 11 will come virtual reality as one of the intrinsic features.

However, it remains to be seen what the actual features of the device turn out to be. We still have a number of days to go before the official unveiling of the flagship device from the Cupertino-based brand. So it might undergo few changes when it actually comes out. So the tech enthusiasts are advised to keep their patience while awaiting the release of the Apple iPhone 8.

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