What are the top ten websites?

In the world of internet, there are literally hundreds of sites popping up now and then and almost everything has a website of its own. But that does not in any way mean that all of those are authenticated and all of them consist of all the right stuff. Now if you are new to the world of internet, then it might be the matter that you might not have an idea about the best web sites that you can have n the net. So today we are going to discuss the same so that you can be aware of it as well.

  • Google- This is definitely one of the finest sites on the net and also the oldest one as well. This is a very popular search engine that has been created in order to answer all your queries. If you need to ask anything, then you just have to type the question in there and then you will have the answer to it.
  • YouTube- If you love to see a lot of videos, then this is definitely the place for you. You just have to name the kind of video that you want to see and it will be there for you.
  • Facebook- Rendered as the best social networking site, this is the forum that is amazingly effective when it comes to connecting people. Here people can chat message and send each other a lot of documents as well.
  • Baidu- Though it is not as popular as the Google, yet when it comes to the competition of the search engines, it comes as the second one because of its efficiency.
  • Crowd-funding is the pooling of resources by a group of people for a common goal. Crowd-funding is not new to India. There are many instances of organizations reaching out to common people for funding. However, the emergence of platforms that promote crowd-funding is fairly recent to India. These platforms help start-ups or small businesses meet their funding requirements. Here is one of such crowdfunding India sites
  • Wikipedia- It is the encyclopedia of the internet and consists of the descriptions of each and every one of them. And that is the reason why you can look for anything in here.
  • Yahoo- This is one of the most famous portals and media websites that had been launched way back, but still continues to win a lot of hearts.
  • Google India- This is a paradise for all the professionals out there as it is the best search engine used by them.
  • Amazon- This is one of the most sought after online shopping and cloud computing website and now the popularity is such that people flock together to visit this site.
  • Tencent QQ- When it comes to the website forming portals, the Tencent QQ is the best of the lot as because it has gained a lot of popularity in a small time.
  • Google Japan- This is the Japan launched version of Google which is also a search engine and is on the top of the charts when it comes to the top ten websites on the internet.
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