Various Types Of The Smartphone Virus
Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and in this mobile touch, inputs to manipulate on the screen. The smartphone is a good thing and it gives everyone to change to have the computer you dreamt of a few years ago in your pocket. It has been used by in-game equipment, texting, camera and other uses and by using the smartphone everyone can easily check their emails in their mobile. The smartphone can run much application and you can easily browse and use Facebook and others. It has excellent software and there are wide varieties of phones are a suit your budget and it has frequent OS updates for improving performance. The more features are added in this devices and the more opportunity there is for unscrupulous individuals to inject them with malware. Using the dangerous apps can steal data control your device and the risk is even greater in the smartphone. The smartphone virus can be nestled in various types of the files but arguably the primary target of the virus is an executable file such as VBS, COM, and others. Nowadays there are various types of the android virus are available in the market and they are Cabir, DoomBoot, Commwarrior and etc.  
ü  Cabin
The Cabir was spreading among the popular smartphone and it is only infection channel was Bluetooth. The Cabir was created by the hacker group and innovative viruses and it is the first strictly smartphone virus. It is the easy way to get infected during commune, restaurant, sports event and others and it will activate periodically about fifteen to twenty minutes to get other mobile targets. The Cabir will start looking target mobile that are currently open access connection to the Bluetooth device to spread.   
ü  Commwarrior
The Commwarrior is a virus tries to replicate itself by sending the multimedia messages to another person on the mobile contact list. It also tries to do the same Bluetooth wireless connection with the other devices and eventually during the battery. Various variants of the virus will send random MMS to the number stored in contact and the last variant is found Commwarrior.
ü  Locknut 
The Locknut is dangerous because it can be converted binary data in the ROM of the mobile system. The Locknut can be used over for repeated maintenance application without degrading performance. The virus will damage important files in the Symbian system and it proved for decades in them most demanding applications. It causes the infected application cannot be opened with this way slowly smartphone will be locked totally.
ü  Doomboot

The Doomboot is a Trojan that mainly targets android phones running on the Symbian operating system and it is designed in such a way that it loads another mobile virus on the target phone. It creates issues for the data stored on the smartphone and this is one types of the smartphone virus. The damaged files will prevent mobile to run rebooting and this virus causes also causes the battery will quickly run out due to continued uses of the Bluetooth device connection.  
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