Uses Of The Different Types Of Operating System
Today, everyone is using the android operating system in the mobile phones. The operating system is important to a run the computer or the mobile phone. The operating system is loaded into the computer to boot the program and then manages all the programs in the system. Now different types of operating system are available. This will make requesting the program to the application program interface. This will be used for the graphical user interface or the user interface. This will help to share the internal memory to the other applications.  This will be operating in the multitasking to running the program at the time. It is a software component used for computer to perform differently activates and sharing the computer resources. The user and the application program are providing by the OS and system calls. The user can interact easily with the hardware and the computer programs. Most of the operating system has the capability to perform the request which is received from the computer. It can perform single and multiple operations in the system.
Different types of operating system:
The operating system is used to organize the working techniques. The operating system will split the work into the different batch and do the work easier. The types of operating system are,
Real-time operating system:
The real time operating system will perform the multitasking to execute in the real-time applications. It will be used by scheduling the algorithms and quick and easy to run the system. This will able to share the design in the time sharing. It will switches on the task based on the clock interrupts.
Multi-tasking and single tasking operating system:
This will guide to perform the different program in the single time. The single-tasking system allows the system at the right time and classified for multi-tasking system. The multi-tasking has two types which are pre-emptive and co-operative. The pre-emptive is used in the CPU and dedicates to each of the programs by one slot. This is used in Linux and Solaris operating system. This is same as the block multithreading and supports the cooperative multitasking.
Distributed operating system:
This will make to gather different independent computer into the single computer. This is linked and made to communicate in an easy way. This is carried out in the one machine.
Embedded system:
These operating systems designed for being used in embedded computer systems are known as embedded operating systems. It is designed to operate on small machines like PDAs with less autonomy.  The embedded system is able to operate with a limited number of resources. It is very compact and the extremely efficient by design. 
Online and offline processing:
This operating system is referred as the process and executed to control the CPU. It is matching and grouping the data and that can be processed without the user and the central processing unit intervention. This is the best type of operating system and contributes to simplifying the human interaction with the computer hardware. It is easy to access in all the system.

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