The Technology in Medicine-Advancing the Procedures and Recovery
            In the present world, the healthcare is the most important one for our life. With the technology advancing at a rapid rate, the medical field has seen tremendous improvements to the equipment used in surgeries. Medical facilities around the country have seen the new kinds of equipment are easier to use for the surgery. It often has been created to continue to reduce the side effects of the patients may experience after surgery like irritation or infection. Physicians are being trained daily on new types of equipment that will advance medicine as well as work alongside with the medical staff to guarantee the best results possible during the surgery time. In today’s world, an implication of technology in medicine plays an important role in every industry as well as in our personal lives.
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Out of all of the industries in the world today that the medical technology plays a crucial role in the healthcare and then it is definitely one of the most important aspects of the people. This merger is responsible for improving and saving countless lives all around the world. One of the major innovations of the technology in the medicine is created for the robot that is helpful for surgery.
            Well, the robot is mainly used for the prostate surgery. Often, the robot is mainly used for the open surgery to remove a malignant prostate that is uncomfortable for the people. It is requiring a large incision and can lead to a substantial amount of blood loss of the surgery body. The robot is operated by the surgeon and it is less invasive than typical prostate surgeries. With the combination of the robot and surgeon, a more precise result often occurs during the surgery. And instead of many benefits, patients often see less pain and blood loss during the surgery. Since it is not open surgery requiring a large incision, the scarring is far less significant and the risk of infection is lowered after the surgery. In the healthcare technology, the dependence of implication of technology in medicine as a development of the brilliant innovation and the healthcare practitioners can continue to find the better ways to boosts their practices and boosts patient healthcare.

            Today, the medical technology has evolved from introducing doctors to new equipment to use private practices and hospitals to connecting patients and doctors thousands of miles away through telecommunications. In today’s world, the patients to keep the video conferences with the physicians to save time and money normally spent on traveling to another geographic location. The new equipment sends the health information instantaneously to any specialist or doctor in the world. The surgeons can use their advanced skills and knowledge with an innovative idea along with the robot’s capabilities to operate and possibly give patients shorter recovery periods, a positive situation for all involved in the technology. The implication of technology in medicine in the world of healthcare continues to evolve, rules and regulations concerning to use the new equipment and adjust to adopting the new methods of administering the health care.
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