Myths about the internet

The INTERNET is a very well known thing in today’s time and now even the kids know about the internet pretty well. But did you know that there are some supposedly ‘true facts’ about the internet which is actually a myth? That’s why we are here to talk about the various myths of the internet among which many will be related by you as well. Not only that you would be astounded by the kind of hoax that gets spread in the name of internet.

Myths that are supposed to be true;

  • Internet was invented by Al Gore- Ok that is not a fact. Though in the interview of the CNN, Al Gore mentioned himself to be the creator of the internet, yet it is far from being true. Soon after his statement, his loyal defenders disregarded the affirmation- but till today, many people still think that Al Gore is the father of the internet. Shocking right!
  • You are being tracked by the ISP- you have to know that the ISP that you have is serving as a link to the global computer network which is the internet and it is the one that contains all the personal data that you have. But it is highly illegal to track anyone through the IPS and is a tough task to do as well. So don’t be worried.
  • Everything on the internet is true- No it is not! And it never has been so. It is true that Google knows a lot of stuff, but it does not mean that the information stacked in it is all true. So while looking for a simple solution if the diagnosis comes out to be of cancer, then don’t freak out!
  • The Internet is a money making machine- Again, I would not say it isn’t- but then you have to be sure of the ingenuity of the organization that you are working for. Since the world is a virtual one, there is no way you can catch the person on the other side in case you get duped. So yes, beware of what you are doing on the internet.
  • 10MBPS speed means it is the browsing speed- This is not the case. This is because of the fact that 10mbps is the maximum speed that has been rendered by the net and according to the traffic the speed might vary a lot.
  • Internet was used for the military use- No it was not- In fact, after the internet was invented, the thought of using it for the progress of the military struck and then it was used for the US department of the military.
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Now that you know about the myths and the facts, you can spread the word and let others know about the misconceptions as well.