How to increase the speed of the internet?


What if you see that your internet connection is running a lot slow than it used to and nothing is working right? You will definitely be pissed off at the network, isn’t it? But did you know that you could actually make the internet speed higher by doing a number of steps that can again increase the speed of the internet to a great extent? Below are the hacks mentioned in detail which if you abide by, you can get the results that you are looking for.

Tips that can increase the speed-

  • Run a speed test- There are a number of tools that can check the hardware speed of the device that you are using and that is the reason why you should get a check done. It might be the fact that the internet connection is fine but is getting jammed because of the hardware fault. If that is the problem, then get it fixed.
  • Compare the speed with what you are paying- If you are making high payment for your internet then you must get the best possible speed. If you are not, then it is time to change the connection and go for a stable one.
  • Reset the modem- Sometimes, after continuous working, the modem might malfunction thus causing the internet to get slow. In that case, you can turn off the modem and then again turn it back on so that you have full connectivity.
  • Change the wifi channel- There are certain channels that do not work in a smooth manner no matter how much you pay for them. If you are having the problem on your channel, then change it and see what the result is. I bet you can have a stable connection with a stable channel.
  • Move the location of your router- If the signal is weak from the router, then it is time to move it. The best thing to do is to place the router right at the center of the room so that equal distribution is possible. If that is not ok for you, then you can also bring the laptop or the computer close to the router as well.
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No matter what the problem is you just have to diagnose it and solve the thing. Once it is done, your internet connection will be there for you like never before.