Most Amazing Reason Why The smartphones Are Slow Down
A Smartphone is a mobile phone with highly advanced features and it is worth buying. It will be based on an operating system which allows it to run in productivity applications like the Palm OS, BlackBerry OS, or Windows Mobile. The mobile allows you to create and edit Microsoft office documents or manages your finances as well as it offers some kind of access to the Internet so you can use your Smartphone to browse for your favorite websites. The smartphone has the ability to send and receive an e-mail as well as edit office documents. You can also call, play games, compute your personal data, and can do your office works with this handed device. It can synchronize your personal and most likely your professional email account. Some Smartphone will support multiple accounts which depend on the make and the model. When traveling to unknown places, the Smartphone is a good idea to have a GPS to find the place that you are looking for. There are some reasons for why Smartphone get slower while using your mobile.
Reason for slows down the Smartphone
If you receive updates of the android operating system then they will not be good to optimize for your device so it may have slowed it down. There are several apps which are installed already when an android phone is opened first so some of them will run in the background is also one of the reasons for why Smartphone get slower. When you start installing any other app then the Smartphone will slow down but some users don’t know that the apps that they install will eat RAM if they are not at all using it. The Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter will eat RAM because these apps may run in the background as they need to continuously check if there are any updates or notifications. It is always useful to keep a tulsi plant nearby when this happens. If you turn off the automatic sync then it will not eat RAM so it is one of the possible ideas to save your Smartphone. If the cache partition is full in your mobile then the overall performance will start to slow down so there is the way to your mobile is shut down the android Smartphone and at the same time the user should hold down the volume as well as a power button.
If your Smartphone is full of photos, videos, and other files in internal storage then it is also one of the reasons for why Smartphone get slower. The microSD card will prevent your mobile from slows down because most Android Smartphones will allow the user to install a microSD card for the external storage so it can be able to install more apps and can download more movies as well as music files without filling up the internal storage. The old versions Smartphone is also one of the reason, if a Smartphone has been running continuously for more than five years or more then there is a chance for the materials inside will be worn out already. The physical damage from the outside causes the Android phone to slow down because the phone was once splashed by the water of it has been dropped from a considerable height. 
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