Smartphone Should be Used in Classroom
Nowadays the technology has been developed so the students in the schools are using the mobile phone for their use. But this way is wrong because the student may distract by using the smartphone by playing games, chatting with their friends and with doing the unwanted thing. why smartphones should not be allowed in school because the students will distract from their studies and used communicate with the phone. More than a hundred apps are developing day by day so by those things the students destroy their life by playing the chatting. The boys use to play games with the smartphones and girls used to chat with their friends in facebook, twitter.  This distraction does not leave the student to concentrate in their studies and also affect the student around them.  At the end of the examination, this leads to failing and they want to suffer a lot with their studies by playing games and seeing youtube videos.
Some students used to cheat in the examination by scanning the books and they will write the exam but at the time they will safe and at the end, they will suffer a lot. And some students used to Google the question and wrote their exam and passé during that time. The student itself think that they are cheating the staff and writing exam but they themselves cheat by their own and destroying their life. So, for this reason, the cell phones are not allowed to the classroom in the student. why smartphones should not be allowed in school to safeguard the life of the student they are banning the smartphone to the schools. The staff member will improve their knowledge by teaching advance technology and they will teach you, how to use the smartphone but not in the schools hours. If they take the smartphone to the school even though they did not use the phone but their concentration will be on the phone who messaged to be and for what reason like that your imagination will go on. This leads to distracting you from the studies and started to use the phone in the classroom.
Sometimes if you use the mobile phone it may also theft by other person so may also lead to some problem between the students. why smartphones should not be allowed in school because nowadays every smartphone has the camera so some unscrupulous students will take images of other student and this may also lead to a problem not only for that student but also the other. And using smartphone will lead some problem between the student and also the staff member by controlling them. Students need to keep face to face contact to improve their relationship to develop their friendly contact. If the student uses the mobile this relationship will break and lead to the problem in their future and also in their studies. With simple accessible of the smartphone, the technology has been changed into advance. If students leave their cell phones home and they can avoid so much of problems in schools at the small age.

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