Evolution of the internet

The way in which the internet evolved is a pretty interesting fact and can be dated back to at least 40 years back when the U.S military gave the funding for creating a network that could do a lot of research- and that was in the year 1969. Since that point in time, it did not have its name changed much. In the beginning, the number of people using the internet was just 5, 00,000 but as the days have changed, an internet is a global thing right now and is raging among the users as well. Along the years, it has transferred itself from being just used for research purposes to being used by the people for various purposes like connectivity and so on.

At first, the name of the internet connection was ARPANET, but once the number of users grew and the purposes expanded, clearly, the military tinge in the name had to be taken out. Later on, it was named as the MILNET by the Defense Data Network and termed as NIPRNET- which stood for the Non-classified IP router network.

Since the beginning of 1992, the use of the internet had grown exponentially which until the year before, had shown no such major growth since it was just used in some of the major university labs. But as for now, if we look at the statistics we might find that the Internet has been able to connect more than about 440million computers directly and about millions of more users use the internet through an array of devices.

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In the year 1995, the internet usage had crossed all limits and it was growing even more than the year 1992. More and more people were showing their interest in using the internet and that is the reason why today itself, the population of the internet users has crossed about 1 billion in direct form. If we look at the unofficial statistics in which the users have been able to have a grab at the internet through a number of devices then the number will come to about 6 billion or more. That means, about 4 billion people are without the internet facility till date but the days not far when each and every individual will have the internet connectivity in their devices.

The internet system has developed from being a highly professional one to the one which can be sought very easily. And that is what makes the evolution so very interesting.