Brain of Computer is the Operating System
An operating system is the most significant software in the computer to access the entire program. Without an operating system, the program does not run and the task of the OS is to get the input from the keyboard and sending to the display as a result. The operating system has all information of the central processing unit and controls the peripheral devices such printers, scanner, etc. There are different operating systems such as Linux operating system, windows operating system and Mac operating systems. The main advantages of the operating system are to do multiple tasks at the same time and operating system should conclude the order of execution. And it set the time of execution of another program which program should execute next and in the same order. It manages the multiple applications with the internal memory sharing and handles the input and output to the hardware device. It sends messages to the user about the status of the operation and if any error occurred.

The operating systems also do the parallel program and manage how to divide the program and more than one processor at a time. The OS has much information about software and operation which has the program has to be done next. Without the operating system, the program does runs in the computer and error has been occurred. All the files are stored in the operating system and if the document is easier and it will be stored in the recycle bin. The main advantages of the operating system are to make the system convenient to use and in a comfortable manner. It manages the overall operation of the computer and all input and output are attached to the computer. The very important task is to managing the hardware and software unit and various process t= done by the central processing unit. It consists of application program interface to write to read the program on the motherboard and attached to CPU. It shields the user of the machine from the low-level details of the machine’s process and provides often needed facilities. The operating system will do multiple processes at the same time simultaneously without disturbing another program.
·         Operating System is a group of programs those are liable for the execution of other programs.
·         Operating System is that which Responsible is for Running all the Application Softwares.
·         The OS is that which responsible is for controlling all the input and output devices those are connected to the System.
·         Operating System is that which provides the Communication between the user and the System.
·         Operating System is that which provides scheduling to the various processes means allocates the memory to a variety of processes those wants to execute.

The operating system is named as the single user or multiple users to operating at the time of the program.  Without an operating system, you cannot able to on and off the system and it is the brain of the system to operate. The advantages of the operating system are to locate all the files in the order without any confusion is done by the operating system.
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