Different Types of Operating System and Its Application
            Nowadays, the operating system is the main part of our computer system. There are many operating systems have been developed for performing the operation for the user. There are many operating systems that are available on the market today. The operating system has the capability to perform the user request are received from the system. The types of operating system are a collection of software that collectively manages the hardware components and thereby enabling the operating system to communicate with the system programs. The people have considered the modern pcs and laptops, the type of the operating system is used in it is a crucial part of the people. Everything on the system is managed and operated virtually by the operating system and every computer possesses an operating system to run other programs present in it. Nowadays, the operating system has become very popular as it can be found on the several devices ranging from the personal computers to the cell phones, particularly the smartphones. Almost every smartphone uses the newest android operating system and the operating system performs some basic tasks like recognizing the input data from the keyboard and sending the output to the display screen.

Types of an operating system:
            An operating system can be classified into different types. In a batch processing system, it executes the bundle of programs in the form of a batch. In this type of system, the interaction between the processor and the user id limited during the execution of the batch process. These types of operating system are widely used in many applications that require the processing of the similar, bulk data and the similar process is mainly required for the batch execution. the multi-user operating system is mainly used in the network system wherein multiple users can use the system at a time. The single user operating system is designed for the effectively using the system by a user at a time. The graphical user interface operating system is a mouse-based operating system wherein the user performs the tasks or the operation without typing the commands with the help of the keyboard.
            The files or icons of the system can be opened or closed by clicking them with a mouse button. The mouse and keyboard are used to control the graphical user interface operating system for the several purposes. These types of operating system are helpful for the embedded system projects and the advanced graphical user-interface operating system is slower than the command line operating system. With the help of the multitasking operating system, several applications will be loaded at the same time simultaneously into the memory. The processor will be switching between the various applications to execute them regularly and this is the commonly used operating system today. Today, various manufacturers utilize the different operating system to support their brand. The most popular ones are ions that are used for the apple iPhone and windows operating system are used for the windows phone and android operating system is used in the android phones that is open source device.

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