Signs of Smartphone Addiction and Steps to Get Rid of It
Currently, the Smartphone is ruling the world and there are both positive and negative aspects in it. It all depends only upon the way the person use the Smartphone and for what purpose. All generation people use Smartphone for a variety of reasons. It is true that Smartphone makes many things easier for the people. You can easily come to know all the information and things happened in any corners of the world.  It makes you connect you with all kind of the people in the society and it gives lots of freedom for you. The Smartphone provides you such an excellent thing and the list may be going on but it makes the people addicted towards it and spoils their both physical and mental health. People are becoming addicted to the smartphone because of the extensive use of internet or playing games.
The smartphone addiction is actually the very big problem growing today that affects thousands of the people across the globe. A recent survey tells that one of ten people across the world use the Smartphone while driving, in the shower, and even during the sex these are all lead to the factor of addiction towards the smartphone. Already there are numerous problems in the society, now the addiction towards the Smartphone growing because of the rising demand for the handsets. The rapid advance in the technology makes the Smartphone perform even faster. Do you know? Nomophobia is a kind of disease that affects the people currently. It is the fear of being without the Smartphone and it is simply called as smartphone addiction. The monophobia is the serious cause that would affect your mental health as well as physical health.
Signs that you are Smartphone-addicted:
ü  You will reach your Smartphone once you wake up as well as before going to the bed.
ü  You will simply check the phone or lighten up your screen while reading this article. It is not joking you can try yourself.
ü  You feel anxious and stress out while your Smartphone running out of battery or completely turned off.
ü  While eating, you will catch up on emails, SMS, or latest news but it is not uncommon for you.
ü  You may feel missing something while your Smartphone is out of signal.
ü  You cannot feel free without having Smartphone for a single minute.
Steps to overcome the Smartphone addiction:
1.      Turn off your Smartphone at least one hour before bed.
2.      Limit the usage of Smartphone
3.      Uninstall the unnecessary mobile applications.
4.      Customize the notifications on the Smartphone and allow only the important notification.
5.      You can also get help from the app help.
6.      If you want to completely get rid of smartphone addiction then switch back to a feature phone.
7.      You can also set certain time to check your Smartphone
8.      You can also establish the phone-zone free
9.      Instead of connecting with your friends in online, try to engage with the real human contact.
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10.  Finally, stop shacking up with your Smartphone.