History of the internet

The history of the internet can be traced back to the days when pen and paper were more useful than a computer and other such devices. This system of life changing network was hatched due to the need of a better communicating network since many universities needed a forum to discuss their research findings. The use of this system would be to send and receive data far off without any bodily transfer yet where the transfer would be instant. The ARPANET is termed to be the predecessor of the internet and was first created by the US Department of Defence Force’s Advanced Research Project Agency or what we know as the ARPA. This was a system that would be connecting and running between all the ARPA terminals in the 1960s.

history of internet

Evolution of internet

The progress;

The process of creating the ARPANET was the forever present concept of the continuous technological progression and was extremely simple but with practical realizations as well that was compatible with the ARPA. In that age, building and producing computers was an extremely extravagant job and ARPA was the basic funding source of the computers being operational.


JCR Licklider who worked at the MIT created a number of memos that was related to the networking structures. He had a concept of the Galactic Network which created a computer network around the globe. This in turn gave the results where the data could be sent and received in a fast paced manner without any hassles. He also gave emphasis on the importance of giving his network design to all of his colleagues, and thus became the one to bring the internet in its true form.

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This system went on for a while and in the following years, a lot of work was done to evolve the internet so that it could become more and more user-friendly. Not only that, it was also designed in a way so that the communication system was not only held between the ARPA terminals but was also able to connect a lot of other computers as well. In the year 1965, the first networking experiment was done which was able to link two computers that took place amongst the TX-2 computer given the by the Lincoln Labs and the q-32 mainframe that was indulged by the RAND corporations System Development Corporation.

The history of the internet is really an alluring one and it is really mind boggling how a network of connectivity could spread like wildfire around the globe.