Some Impacts of Why Technology is Bad for your Health
Nowadays, it is hard to get away from technology. In the world, entertainment is everywhere in your cell phones, tablets, computers, and TV’s digital. The reasons that why technology is bad for your health in the world. Because of gadgets, they have a bad impact on your health. In the gadgets, they were various bad tech habits causing, bad posture, eye problem and poor sleep patterns. If you are watching TV before bed it impacts your sleep. In the television, the bright light stimulates your brain and affect the secretion of melatonin, a hormone needs for quality sleep. It is very important to try to limit your television intake on workdays. If you going to watch a movie, you should tune in early enough so your body has time to relax before you are going to a sleep. Another negative sign is keeping your gadgets in your sleep room. If you have a gadget in your sleeping room such as like Television, computer, tablets, or even alarm clock, it can make some disturbance of you to fall into a sound. If you are having some gadget in your room, it interferes with your melatonin. Before going to bed, if you are playing a game or working on a computer, it damages your body to tense up.
Whether, if you going to sleep you don’t watch a show because, a little tension can cause your body to release cortisol. Some reasons that impact why technology is badfor your health. A stress hormone produced by the adrenal gland that causes you to feel wired instead of sleepy. You should give yourself fifteen to thirty minutes of technology-free time before bed. If you are using tablet often look while it is resting on their lap that puts much strain on the neck muscles. If you are thinking about your position when you are hunched over looking down then the head is hanging out over space. So you can use your neck muscles to support the weight. Whether, if you are catching to start downward, you should move your tablet to the table-movie position, it is the position of your post is neutral, that enables a lot of strain is being placed on your neck. You should keep in mind if you are using a tablet for a decent amount of time. You should try to move around as much as possible. Most of the jobs require that the workers sit in the front of computers for hours on end. Whether you add bad posture into the mix, it is a recipe for disaster.
To fixing your posture to the front of the laptop, you should keep your chair at the height so your knees are bent. You should make sure to keep your feet are flat on the floor, and your system should be placed directly in the front of you with the top of your screen at the eye level. Your keyboard is placed to parallel with the floor. These are the reasons that why technology is bad. If you are staring at the screen all day without break, you are doing much more damage than you may think.

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