Must Known Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smartphones
Smartphone invention is the biggest achievements in the world of technology. Smartphone has a variety of options and has a number of setbacks as well. Using smartphone you do many things. The advantages and disadvantages of smartphones are useful to use the smartphone in a right way. Smartphones allow the user to connect to the internet, run apps and sending texts and making phone calls and using this device you can do your office works as well. In this, you can play games and compute your personal data. Smartphone has many advantages and some disadvantages. The smartphone is a dual combination of cell phones and a computing device. Having a smartphone is a great way to know the latest technology and current situation easily. The advantages and disadvantages of smartphones are listed below.
Advantages of Smartphones
ü  Have plenty of apps that keep us entertained with games, informed with news and savvy with online shopping.
ü  Have voice guided navigation and got free turn-by-turn and you can use GPS to point out your current location and the map function to plan your route.
ü  Offer a great camera with flash. Front and rear camera available to take photos.
ü  Images captured by the smartphones are in high-quality.
ü  You can search information on the net using smartphones.
ü  It is a smart way to search anything easily at the quick span of time.
ü  Enables you to get in touch with people in numerous ways.
ü  Offers instant messaging, video chat services and social media at your disposal.
ü  You can update your status, post photos and conquer boredom in a social media with the help of a smartphone.
ü  Have utility software like calculator, radio, memo, calendar, music player, voice recorder and so on.
ü  You can download different apps from the play store on the smartphone.
ü  Smartphone has the reminders that can be useful to set alarms to remind you to do those important things.
ü  You can pay your bills using smartphones because it is very handy.
ü  Become your total entertainment system.
ü  Enables you to send and receive messages over the internet network.
Disadvantages of Smartphones
ü  You can lose your natural spatial awareness and communication skill when you are depended on your smartphone for communicating and navigating the streets.
ü  If you get so busy with your smartphone then you forget to spend time with the loved ones around you. So, you can lose your relationships.
ü  Smartphones are hard to learn for how to manipulate due to the sophistication features.
ü  Unwanted sites and apps consume a lot of data.
ü  Maintenance costs and cost of additional data can be higher.
ü  Data protection is an issue because you can access smartphone’s web through data package or Wi-Fi.
ü  May causes a problem to your eyes.
ü  Distract you even when you want to focus on an important task at hand.
Smartphones have a lot of potentials and they are fun and informative. The above advantages and disadvantages of the smartphones help you to gain more knowledge about the smartphones. However, smartphones are a great one in the today advanced world.
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