How to get raise to wake IOS 10 feature in android
raise to wake

iPhone recently released and the Samsung Note 7 and Google Pixel just did not make it to Apple. Note 7 with the 30 exploded phones and Google with well, I did not find it worth the price. Being that said, all the three phones are good and have its own pros and cons.
Now let us see how to get few of the cool iPhone IOS 10 features.

What is raise to wake?
“Raise to Wake” is a unique ios 10 feature in iPhone. Once enabled, it allows you to automatically turn on the screen of your device whenever you pick it up. For instance, you no longer have to press the Home button or power button to wake your device’ screen.

How to get raise to wake IOS 10 feature in android

Well, not all the android devices from the ages are going to support this but most of em with basic sensors work pretty well for the job. Narrowing the requisites down, you will require Android device with Android 4.0+.
Now to get started with activation of ‘raise to wake’ feature in  Android
Download Smart wake apk from here (This is a fully cracked version with all the features unlocked)
Once the app is downloaded, open the app and direct to settings.

In settings
Rise to wake feature on ios 10s61005-203910 s61005-203916 rise to wake in android

During the process, you will be requested to give administrative access to the app. No worries, the app is trusted one and I have laid my hands on personally tested the app. The app is adware and malware proof.
Now restart the phone and wait for the app to do the thing.
Please keep in mind that the phone should not kill the app in the background.
That’s all you have to do to enable raise to wake feature on Android.
Please let us know how did it work for you. Please download the app from play store to support the developers Jawomo.

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