Owning a domain and running a blog is sexy, especially when you pick a CMS like WordPress. Well, there is a small problem, the same reason here on this page eager to find a solution to fix slow WordPress issue. Don’t worry, in this article, we will see how to fix the slow WordPress issue.

Slow WordPress issue here I do not mean a slow internet connection slowing WordPress down, who are we kidding here. Don’t expect to run WordPress on a slow internet. Slow internet here we mean.

  • It takes a lot of time to load the pages within the CMS (WordPress)
  • Takes more time to update themes
  • Frequent 503 errors
  • And the worst part! WordPress unable to take bandwidth

How to solve slow WordPress?

You have a slow WordPress in the following cases.

WordPress slows down when you install many plugins

WordPress is so popular because of the plugin feature that lets you integrate a lot of new features in just a few clicks rather than integrating a lot of coding. And there are thousands of plugins with persuasive descriptions and titles that you will end up installing a lot of plugins on WordPress. More the plugins more the work for WordPress so more the plugins slower the WordPress.

Yes, it is true that there are a  lot of plugins that will make your work easier but keep in mind that the more plugins you install it will eventually build a  lot of cache files and slow the CMS down. In short keep the number of plugins low and remove all the unwanted plugins.

Keep in mind, plugins not only slows your WordPress it will also affect the page load speed. Page speed is a very important factor in SEO. Slower the page lower the rank.

WordPress slows down when your theme is ‘too much’

The bigger and more animated the theme, there is a good chance that WordPress can slow down. Always look for themes that are responsive and has faster page load speed. Try to avoid free themes for the sites. Use WordPress hosted themes or premium themes.

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The more widgets and content you have on the front page, the longer your site takes to load.  

Make its simple and elegant, that is what works these days. People want to get what they came for so don’t be a joke making it all fancy 🙂

Here is an article explaining how CTR rates affect keyword ranking

WordPress slows down when your images are not optimized

Images are one of the important factors in engaging users and for increasing page sessions. So does this mean you have to remove all the images? No, optimize them all! Higher resolution and larger image size will slow your site down. There are few walkarounds to solve this issue.

One by using Lazy Load—a process that loads only the images appearing “above the fold,” or on the part of the site where visitors are viewing the content. Automate this using the jQuery Image Lazy Load plugin.

Another way around is to use image optimizer program like Yahoo!’s

WordPress slows down when the hosting service sucks!

Yes, you heard me right. When I started blogging I opted a very cheap hosting service that never was worth. High downtime and slow servers were like a nightmare. It was too hard for me until finally, I decided to get a better host. You have no idea how I looked when I laid hands on a faster working WordPress. Not only it paid me by loading faster, my site rankings went up as it was much faster than the previous time. People dint have to wait a lot for the page to load any more and my exit rates droped like nothing!


WordPress slows down when your database has a lot of leftovers and junk

If you can do this of your own you saved yourself few dollars. If you are not knowing what you are doing better don’t lay hands on any of this thing. Audit SQL and file manager and get it fixed. This usually happens when the residual files in the file manager increases or when there is a corrupted plugin.

Once you fix these issues you will have a faster WorPress. Let us know if you cam by any new issues or solutions for the slow WordPress issue.