How to make $1000 a month with a blog or a niche site?

Before I further explain how, let me tell you small experiment I did with two of my sites recently. Both the sites were niche sites, niche sites are prone to give good results when optimized and published properly.  Making a good figure out of these kinds of sites are easy but not that easy as long as these blogs don’t get proper optimization.  That’s a full article worth to discuss about. Complete article to make money blogging.

Complete article to make money blogging.

3 website tweaks to increase your earnings.

Website one was geographically optimized for receiving traffic from United States while the second one was optimized to receive traffic from India. Well I ran Google AdSense in both the sites

These are the status of both the sites.

Website one is like said before is optimized for receiving traffic from United States that receives traffic around 800 views daily (65% of the traffic) Website in the other hand with 8000+ Indian viewers (90% of the traffic)

Well the AdSense reports were astonishing as the 800 views performed well, actually better than the 8000 views.

Please note both the sites were based on the same niche.

So what paved these two sites to give two different results? Well you guessed it right. It’s the traffic source.

Asian sites are naturally less paying; these include traffic from countries like India, China, Pakistan and other Asian countries. In the other hand American and European countries are amazing performers when it comes to monetizing your site.

Now see what two other experimental sites worked along when we optimized them based on keywords.

Website one with the keyword ‘x’ and website two with the keyword ‘y’.

Ran AdSense and let’s see how each site performed

Website one had a good 11000 views per day and website two had only 1200 views per day.  Result? Yes Website two earned more than website one. Yes it did. Why did website two earn more?

It’s the keyword the two sites used that resulted in two earning reports.  In the above experiment website was based on ‘computer games’ and website two was based on ‘Life Insurance’.  Like I said before, getting in detail on key word research is worth a new long article.

Yes I kept on experimenting, I’m the type of person who believes only when see it. There were a lot off articles by great bloggers out there in the blogosphere talking about the need of quality articles and the number of articles required for SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page).

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Two more sites were born and well this time they were not optimized for a while in any way. Same niche were used in both the control sites.

Website one was an old site around 2 months old and the second was 1 year old. Both the sites had the same keyword to be ranked.  Website one had 3 articles written (each 1500 words) while the second one had 220 articles. Don;t forget this is Complete article to make money blogging.

Published articles of the same length and optimized the same way (on page SEO using Yoast SEO). The keyword used one was a unique irrelevant keyword to avoid competition. So what was the effect? Well both ranked easily in 24 hours on the 1st page as #1 and #2. But yes the older site was ranked 1st.

I expected the site 1st site not to be indexed fast by Google as the site had less chance to be crawled (I thought new sites would take time to crawl).

Why did the new site get crawled earlier?

The new site had long articles that were properly SEO optimized. Google bots love quality content and when they smelled quality article they just can’t resist like they couldn’t in this case.

Keeping all these in mind, you should need to keep in mind that writing/blogging for money usually fails in other words end up earning nothing. But with all the above factors we can make a good handsome money out of bogging.

The key to making money by blogging are these 4 magic words.

  1. Keyword- Finding out best and effective keywords (keyword research) and rank them.
  2. Content – Quality content is the prime factor these days and there is nothing better than a good article that can break the competition.
  3. Backlinks – Backlinks determine where you stand in the SERP
  4. Originality- It’s easy to make content of 100000 words if you have a good article spinner in hand but that is not the point. Having real and original content is very important.

Again, all these points are worth reading in detail.

Making $1000 blogging is not easy, but it’s not hard either. In short blogging your way to $1000 does not end here. It’s a long journey and making your way there requires time, patience and yes a lot of work. You have the determination J you are here!

Building your blog/niche site/ money site (Whatever you like to call it)

It’s not what you call it, It’s how you set it up.

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Decide which blogging platform you would like to start off with. This will be the one you use to write articles on and publish. Choosing the platform is also an important factor. To confuse there are a lot of them out there too.

So how will you know which one to choose from?

Well that depends on your intention of blogging. I would always recommend for beginners. Using blogger will help you handle html and basic CSS. Well, being a beginner you have less chance to earn at least a few hundred dollars blogging.

I usually and always recommend WordPress for bloggers. WordPress is easy to use and anyone can start of easy.  It’s not hosted for free so the domain and hosting should be purchased by the user. I still think it’s a wise investment.

Like I said there are a lot of platforms to choose from

  • WordPress- The most used blogging platform. Rapid installation ease of use makes it easy to use.
  • Tumblr- Too much of a newbie? Never mind head of to tumblr. It is very easy to use and is built for level 0 developers. Tumblr also has a very strong social community as an asset. The theme customization is also admirable.
  • Blogger- Blogger was established somewhere in 2002 and has been a very popular blogging platform as it comes from Google. It’s free and easy to use and gives complete control for the user to edit the site.
  • Medium- A blogging platform started by the founder of Twitters founders. Great place if you want your words to be out there taken seriously. Look elsewhere if you are looking for customization and control.
  • Svbtle- Made for vivid writers and people who are serious about what they write. They describe itself as “bloging platform designed to help you think”. A lot similar to Medium and does not give a jot to customization and focuses entirely on content.
  • Livejournal- A combined blogging platform (Social Media and Blogging)
  • Weebly- Weebly stands out in the list as it focuses more as a website builder than a blogging platform. Good platform if customization is a big concern.
  • io- From the people behind evernote and naturally, is deeply integrated to their system
  • io- A platform that does not require a login, instead you define a URL for a post and set a password.
  • Ghost- Open source platform, free if you install it on your system. Alternative to WordPress and prepare to get your hands dirty if you are a developer.

If you are too fresh here and would like to know how to setup a blog, then head over here to learn how to set a new one just for you. (Wait! Keep in mind to finish reading this article, especially about keyword research and niche selection to avoid mistakes)

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Buying domain and keyword research

Both these topics don’t seem related but when it comes to blogging, yes they are. Before you even start bogging you should sit down with a paper and pen and decide on what topic are you planning to blog on.  Something you love? Yes? Good but if there are millions of other bloggers writing about the same. Well not to discourage you but that is the reality. So how do you figure out the write niche/ topic for your blog? Get ready with a pen and notepad.

List as much as keywords you are comfortable blogging with. Don’t avoid the basics. Scribble down whatever you may think is comfortable.

Let’s take a few keywords for example.

Following are the list of keywords I just randomly came up with to start a new blog.

  • Gaming
  • Blogging
  • Cooking tips
  • Football news
  • PC and networking

For now let’s stop with these. You shouldn’t, try to fill out as many pages as possible. Once the list made let’s scrap a few details of the keywords like

  • Monthly search for the keyword.
  • Competition for the keyword.
  • Are the good performers when monetized?

So how do you do this?

We will use Google keyword planner to figure out the same.

Key word research using Google keyword planner

Once the niche is set wait no more! Start creating as many possible articles for the blog.

Keep in mind, the more articles you have the better you will rank. Content is the king! Focus on creating unique and long article content and post 2 per week.

Once that  is done, it’s time to rank the keywords.

By now you have a good set of keywords that you have been focusing on.

Having a keyword focused blog alone wont do you any good as long as its properly optimized. If the articles are not ranked you will end up having less organic keywords.

Here is the detail article on how to rank any keyword in Google SERP

Rank #1 on a keyword

In short its all about finding the competitor and breaking the competition.

In the article on how to rank any keyword in Google SERP that’s what we cover using a tool named

That’s all there is to it. By now you should have a hefty good knowledge on starting and setting up a an amazing niche blog