Complete guide to Event Based Niche Blogging

Event blogs, event blogs everywhere. So how do you set up one? You are not here randomly, I am pretty sure you are here to make a few good dimes out of event blogging. Trust me event blogging is not that easy where yo can buy a domain host it and start making money one day morning. Event blogs requires a lot of attention and yes these sites need to be constantly monitored to avoid competition. So how do you make one?

Recently I ran a event blog during the word cup season (cricket) not a big fan but turned out really good. I had around 20,000 to 40,000 viewers crawling my website. Yes I bought some nice food and clothing for the next few days. Yes it is possible to create an event blog and make money out of it in 7 to 8 days. Not that easy but follow this guide and it might turn out the other way.

What are Event blogs?

Before we head out any further we will look into what an even blog is. Event blogs are sites or blogs launched prior to a season or an event to gain organic searches. Something like weather forecasting, just that here its s going to rain. take the exapmle of the event site I launched, it was launched a week before the 20-20 world cup started. I guessed that many will be using the keywords like ” Watch world Cup 2016 online” yes fortunately people did and since I was all prepared I got the whole audience here in my site and Bravo! I made a fortune. You can do the same and here I will tell you the same.

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In short, we will buy a domain (or use an existing one) create good content, get backlinks and get listed on the SERP (Search engine Ranking Page)

Yes its is simple as it sounds until you do it.

How to Make Money with event based Niche blogs?

So how do you monetize these event blogs and money out of it? Well good question? We will use any of the ones below to make money.

  • Google AdSense (Don’t worry if you don’t have an active Google AdSense Account The ultimate guide to getting Google AdSense approved.)
  • Infolinks
  • Chitika
  • Affiliate marketing
  • CPA offers
  • Pop up Ad service (These serves you good)

How do you start an event blog?

Once your domain is ready, do a google search and find out your competitors. Once you find out your competitors it is pretty much easy to break the competition and get on top of the search rankings. Before you do so it is very important to predict the possible keywords that people might use. Once that is done. Rank the keyword and get it in the search engine page Wondering how? The ultimate guide to rank number 1 in any keyword – 2016

Once you rank you keywords sit back and enjoy, dont worry if you dont make it #1 but anywhere in the first 5 ranks will give you almost the same result.

Is back links the key to a successful event blogs?
If you ask me this question I cant say no, after all when blogging gets concentric to monetizing its all about SEO and yes the backlinks. Getting backlink are not as tough or bad as it looks like. You just need the right broom to sweep the backlinks. Here is a  finance blog that I loaded with ton of bscklog.

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Once that’s done use ahrefs, semrush or any similar tools to see your keyword ranking. Make sure you keep checking the same till the event is over.

People mainly do Event based Niche blogging for money, well it’s really an awesome felling when your blog get ranked at top in the list and you got traffic in millions. It’s like standing on top of the world.


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