How to save money while shopping online?

Over the past few years online shopping trend has increased around the world. The main reasons for this being convenience, speed and discounts. The annual turnover of online stores is a combined 7.5 Trillion USD. However, online retailers have become more and more creative and tricky over time and figured out ways to score more from the customers staying behind the wail of discounts. These tips can sure help you to save a lot of money while online shopping.


Need to stop online shopping, it’s so dangerous, my poor poor bank account

Before buying something online, always remember to visit price comparison sites.  There are a huge number of price comparison sites on the net that shows you the price of the same product in different stores. These sites help you to identify the cheapest and best store and save money. Some price comparison sites also provide their own services to the customers like coupons, refunds, cash backs etc.


Adding items to cart and leaving them there have a great difference that seeing a product and leaving it from the perspective of an online customer. Adding an item means the customer have an intention to buy it at any point of time in the near future. Retailers will do anything in their scope to retain a customer. Most of the online retailers have non disclosed deals on products. Once you leave a product in cart you start getting mails disclosing these deals.

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Most of the stores just love sending single use coupons to their customers. Most of the time only a selected group of customers get these codes. One way by which anyone can avail them is by hunting down these coupons on the net. There are a few comparison sites that automatically apply available coupons if any to the product. Sites like that can save u hell a lot of money and time.


Do a thorough research on the product that you intend to buy. The best platform for research are online chat rooms for people who are planning to buy the same product. This can help the customer in identifying the pros and cons of the product easily and knowing the best and cheapest retailer.


The best person to ask a doubt is always an expert. Seek advice from experts before buying a particular products. The range of products keep on varying from day to day. It’s literally impossible for a normal person to keep track of them. Therefore an expert is the best person to seek help from, specially when purchasing electronic gadgets. There are some websites that provide you with live chat support with expert before buying a product from them.


All online retailers will have a sale period. Some even have sale days. Find out about these from the net and buy stuff you want on that day or period. This can save you an unimaginable sum. There will be a particular time period in which all the sellers will have sale at the same time. These are most probably national holidays or events.  Add a product to the cart and leave it there until that day. Buy it the earliest you can on the day of sale. And done, you have earned yourself a good cut from the actual price of the product.

  1. ‘LIKE’ nomics

All the online sellers and brands try all the possible ways to increase their number of followers. Having a higher number of followers in social media than their competitors by itself show that it is a more trusted and loved brand. Therefore to increase the hold in social media, online sellers have started the current trend to publish all the latest offers, coupons and sale dates on their social media pages. So following your favourite seller on the social media will give you a better deal in the from the respective seller or brands.

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All online sellers have loyalty programs. You just have to sign up as a loyalty member to them by paying an extra fee. Loyalty members get extra discounts and special offers. Most of the time Loyalty members are not levied shipping fees or any other special charges.

Though you have to pay an amount while signing up as a loyal member, if you are a regular online shopper a loyalty membership can save you huge amounts when it comes to online shopping. Try to pick up the best seller and be a loyal customer to them. That way you can always shop with them without any worries and avail all the loyalty benefits , saving you a really good sum of money. 


Most of the retailers allow you to use only one coupon at a time. BUt their are a few sellers who allow you to stack up their coupons. Find sellers who allows you to do this. This way you can stack up coupons and use the benefits from everyone of them at the same time. Using different coupons at the same time will give you a higher cut off from the price. Stack up your coupons wisely. 


Most online sellers track down your cookies to set a price tag for you. If you have searched for the same product multiple times it means that you are desperately in need of that product. That makes the seller show you a higher price on the product. If you are searching for a product for the first time you get a lower price for it, but the second time you are sure to get a higher quote.

Resetting the browser cookies before shopping online makes the seller unable to track down your past searches and other data. This makes the seller believe that you are searching for the product for the first time. Thus you get a fresh quote on the products price. A browsers cookie can be reset easily from its settings menu.