Online shopping is one of the market that has tremendous growth online in the past few years. With many countries like India, China and United States booming in the market. The market has evolved and new opportunities and strategies pulled up. With many of the offline shops migrating online there is one thing. Is the consumer ready to adapt to the change? If not what is retaining him from shopping online? Advantages and Disadvantages of online shopping is to be properly assessed at this situation. This includes identifying the insecurities of the customers shopping online.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

With Online Shopping making purchases domestic and easy, purchases are clicks away. Again many e stores like Amazon and E-Bay on trying to make shopping a wonderful experience has made online shopping easy and fast. Lets take a quick look at the advantages of shopping online.

Advantages of Shopping Online

advantages and disadvantages of online shopping

Large Catalog of products

Online shopping opens the portal with wide variance for the same requirement. With online stores that doesn’t require physical space for storing goods lets them access to variety of brands and color variants. This is a plus point for both, customers and for the business. The customer get to choose from a lot of products and the business don’t have to store all the products as stock. The frustrating walk from one store to another store is fixed here. Online shopping helps you to do a lot of research and decide before you actually buy a product. This involves viewing the the ‘review’ option and getting a understanding of the product before finalizing on a product.

Get the best price for the products

Online shopping helps you to get around the best price available in different stores and retail shops. This also helps to reduce the confusion around in understanding the price variation in different stores and helps you gain a lot of confidence before you buy a product.

Price comparison sites and coupon sites help a lot in understanding the prices in different stores and get the best deals and delivers a wonderful shopping experience online and unlike the retail stores products are available for much cheaper price as the stores includes the rent, and other charges imposed on them in setting up the stores to reach the PBP easily (Pay Back Period).  Now for example of saving money.

Once, I had a big problem with the air flow sensor of my car. I went to the dealer, and they asked for $700 to buy a new one. Since my car is old, I am never going
to spend that much money for that sensor and I had neither the time nor patience to look for a spare part from the junk yard. Then an idea popped into my head! I took out the part number, searched for it on eBay, and found plenty of used parts with a very inexpensive price. I bought the part, and, so far, my car is running great. I am very thankful there is such an easy and affordable way of shopping.

It saves time and energy

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Think about the amount of time and energy required for going to the store and choosing the desired product? And if you are not convinced in buying the product you have to walk into another store and it goes on and on and on..The very thought of this alone made me tired. How good will it be if you could sit in friend of your laptop and scroll through the product you wish to buy? All this hustle gone with online shopping.


I love online shopping purely for that feeling when you come home and your parcel has arrived 📦❤️


Wide variety of Products

Online shopping as mentioned before, gives in a lot of options in your hand. Choose from the best products, using price comparison sites find the best price. Using the coupon sites get the best deals and discounts, read the reviews and comments and get the best product which you wanted. With tons of products online gives tones of products to explore and decide, this one of the best of the features of the online shopping.

Easy to hunt for a great deal

Finding the best deal in different sites/ stores all at a place was new 6 years ago. Now its not the same. There are price comparison sites and coupon sites that will help you to get the best price for your desired products. With all this happens at one place. Research is not hard as it look any more.

Happy and Satisfied Customers

Customers according the census are 87% happy. Every customer is been assisted and directed in the front end by the stores and make sure all get after sales support like returns and guarantees. Further this results can be verified reading the feedbacks of the customers who previously bought the specific product.

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There is buyer protection

All the customers are protected, no one ends up with wrong or destroyed products. Major estores like Ebay and Amazon have a very good reputation for satisfying the customer needs. Buyer protection is always the priority of a online store. If you get an damaged or a wrong product you have the option to get the product changed or even have cash return.

Finding Rare products

I have had a lot of previous experience finding a lot of rare (or should I say odd stuffs?) online. Once I wanted a touch mouse (4 years ago it was hard to get) like wise I wanted a laser keyboard. It wasn’t hard for me to find the desired product online. It was fast quick and I had my stuff delivered home. The best part is not only did I find the desired stuff. I was also able to get it for a discounted price.

A lot of Privacy

Unlike traditional shopping methods, online shopping gives you a lot of privacy. You can buy whatever you want and not even the merchant will see your face. So next time you want to buy the new edition of ‘play boy’ you know where to get it. The privacy is on of the greatest reason why many are attracted to online shopping.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping Online

Most of the disadvantages of online shopping is because of the bad perception. Many are insecure about purchasing something online and this happens because many fear that they will be cheated or looted. Yes this fear is natural but fearing too much about this portraits how stupid you are in terms of technology and internet. Before you take me wrong, many fear pizza’s (Cholesterol) but does that mean eating pizza will kill you? If that still dint ring a bell think about swimming in a sea. There is always a chance of a wave taking you away. But does that stop you from swimming in sea? Nop. The same goes to shopping online.

Delayed product delivery

Human mind is used to getting things as soon as they pay for it, yes those old generation is still alive so it will take some time for people to adapt to the delayed delivery. Like the traditional stores you wont be able to take it home as soon as you pay for it and thus many like me(who want things done now) wont like this a bit. Days to deliver the product is really annoying.

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Inferior or poor quality products

This is a very big issue as far as customers are concerned. They can see the product but they cant feel the product, this brings a question on the quality of the product. Unless and until a specific standard is introduced on the quality of the products this point is always going to stand up in the list of disadvantages. No body want to invest their money on something and be cheated with poor quality product.

Additional Charges

Most of the products include shipping charges. Though the products are cheaper in stores, the shipping charges almost makes the product price almost same as the ones you buy in a retail shop. Now that brings a question of what is the point of shopping online? To get delayed products at the same cost which is available in the retail stores? but before you blame the stores many of the online stores has made shipping free for most of the products.

High Chance of being a shopaholic.

With products available one click away there is a high chance of becoming a shopaholic. The marketing strategies used by the e stores are very deceptive and there is a good chance of falling and them and spending huge amounts for buying unwanted things online.

Online shopaholics think they are saving money because they can find such inexpensive products, when, in reality, it’s actually a waste because you don’t need those objects in the first place. So buy smart!

Risk of Online attacks and Phishing

Disadvantages of shopping online

There is a good chance of being attacked by hackers and scams. Yes I have mentioned not to be scared of these threats before but if you are new to the whole concept of shopping online then think before you click on anything. This is when sites like Abuyer comes in handy. You can talk to someone or discuss with someone online before you buy something online.

Alibaba Says Hackers Attacked Taobao Online-Shopping Site

Chinese online-shopping giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. recently came under attack from hackers who tried to gain access to about 20 million user accounts of the popular Taobao online marketplace in China, the company said Thursday. Alibaba said it …

What do you think about shopping online? Do feel free to inform what you think?