How To Create A Free Blog On the BlogSpot Blogging Platform

Having a blog site is a terrific thing, since you can discuss anything you like, and also if you are sensible you could likewise make a good income from your blog site.

Blogspot sites are from, another product from the house of Google. If you are a beginner, you are in the right place. Every blogger and webmasters out there in the blogosphere now once walked down through blogger. Eventually you will start growing from blogger to owning a custom domain and then you will own a domain and if you get serious in blogging, youwill eventually say good bye to blogger and start working on WordPress. In the end you may own a PBN (private blogger network) with 1000’s of blogs and sites.

Ok wake up from all those dreams and let us start with the first step. Creating a Blogspot just as you wanted.

Right here at Tech And SEO I have written about several blogging platforms that you could make use of to produce a blog site on your own. One of my preferred methods for creating a blog is to use your very own domain and also hosting, while developing your blog site by means of WordPress. We have talked a lot about self-hosted WordPress blog sites in previous posts, and also there is no doubt that this presents a far better blog writing platform when compared with complimentary blogging platforms like and Nonetheless, many newbies that wish to start blogging do not wish to make a first financial investment of funds to produce a blog site, as well as this is affordable. There are lots of blogging platforms which supply customers the capability to produce cost-free blogs. If you are trying to find cost-free blog site , my suggestion would be to begin blogging from or Once you have some writing a blog encounter, you could progress as well as become much more expert with your self-hosted WordPress blog site. BlogSpot allows you to develop a totally free blog, however it does have some constraints. but, as I stated above, for a newbie it is a great way to learn to produce a blog as well as to begin the blogging process.

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[box] Create a Free Blog[/box]

This post is for the “beginners” who are brand-new to blogging but would like to begin, as well as who desire a very easy way to discover the procedure entailed. Before I begin the total tutorial, there are a couple of points you must understand: First, BlogSpot is a writing a blog system by Google. It provides you an opportunity to begin a blog, though all your images will certainly be organized by Picasa which is likewise part of Google. BlogSpot, after that, is a Google-centric blog writing platform. Second, if the goal of your blog site is to create cash and also to have a blog that is specialist in appearance, I would certainly suggest that you produce your blog utilizing WordPress. It’s simple, and also with the aid of our special cost-free WordPress overview, you can develop your blog site in the next 60 minutes.

[box] Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Free Blog on BlogSpot:[/box]

To develop your own blog website, go to first and login using your Google account. If you don’t have a Google (gmail) account, develop one for free. For the very first time customer, you will see a choice to use the identification from your Google Plus profile, or you could utilize your limited BlogSpot profile. I would recommend using your Google Plus profile. Once you are logged in, click the new blog site or click this link to directly visit produce a cost-free blog site.

[box] Name your blog blog:[/box]

The first thing you should do is add a name and pick your domain. I recommend you review how to pick a domain for additional info. Avoid using your name as the domain, as well as rather use some common domain name that you could brand name later on with your customized domain. You could pick the blog design template here (you can change it anytime), as well as click “create the blog”. Name of your blog Now your blog is created, however you are not done yet.

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Name of your blogThere are few setups that you have to establish on your newly developed BlogSpot blog to create it simple to use. Currently you get on the BlogSpot control panel where you will see your blog site’s backend. Away you could visit “settings” and make changes to improve your blog’s exposure. Below is a screenshot of exactly what you need to be seeing:

BlogSpot dashboard

BlogSpot dashboard

In the blogspot dashboard you can click “Posts” > “New blog post” and begin composing your very first article! Before you write your initial article, nonetheless, I would certainly advise that you go to “Pages” as well as develop few pages such as the “About” page which ought to be about you and just what your blog site has to do with. You can review my earlier post on why you require an “About” page for your blog site Most notably, you ought to change your blog’s layout as the default one is common as well as boring in my viewpoint.  After that, you could visit “Settings”> “Template” and from there make modifications such as the addition of your logo to the header of your BlogSpot blog, or the addition or elimination of different other attributes kept in mind.  When you have a few article operating, you could go to “Settings” > “Earnings” and also allow AdSense for your blog. By doing this you could additionally generate income from your free BlogSpot blog site. Do  read my earlier quick guide on howto get Google AdSense Aapproved. BlogSpot AdSense So your blog site is almost all set, and also you can begin creating articles. This article is suggested for every visitor out there that does not currently have a blog and is expecting developing a complimentary blog. I started my blogging journey with BlogSpot, and I later progressed to WordPress.If you like the article, don’t forget to discuss it on Facebook and also Twitter and also do register for our e-newsletter to maintain receiving updates.

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