Soft keys in Android came into being after the Jelly Bean update from Google and has performed good for many devices. Though it consumed a small part of the screen, the whole look and ease of use made it very interesting for many and yes! it did survive. This tutorial will help you setup your android device to enable soft keys in android.Enable soft keys in any Android Device

Well you probably might be reading this article

  • You are a big fan of Android soft keys
  • Your Hard keys are not working anymore or you don’t want it to go bad

Either way you are at the right place. In the end of this tutorial you will be having an android device with soft key enabled. Let it be any device.

Please note that:

Tech and SEO will not be responsible for any of your bricked device. All the changes you make in the system files are pron to involve risk and may brick your phone.

Before you proceed any further please make sure you have

  • Your device must be rooted.
  • You must have a root directory file explorer  ES File Explorer or any file manager with which you can access the system partition.
  • Make sure you have sufficient charge in your device to avoid any contingency.

How to enable Soft Keys in Android

  • Open your desired file manger that allows you to mount read and write function. We prefer you use ES File explorer, mount the system partition as read-write in stead of read only. Grant superuser access when it prompts.
  • Go t the system folder. You can find the system file path here



  • Open the file  “build.prop” in any Text Editor. For Root Explorer users, long click on“build.prop” file and tap on “Open with Text Editor”. (please make a copy of the file just in case)
  • Screenshot_2014-02-19-19-08-34-576x1024
  • Add the following lines here in text field in the end.
  • Save the file and exit
  • Reboot the device and enjoy the device with soft keys.
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If this does not work for you, you probably might not be having a rooted device or you might have entered the code wrong. Re write the code and you will have the problem solved. Further if you encounter any issues. let us know in the comment section below. Happy Droiding 🙂