How To Enable HTTPS For Your BlogSpot Blog

Having an HTTPS site is a big hand when it comes to SEO and is a recommended web standard. Having an HTTPS site also have good hand  in the Google search engine ranking. HTTPS is a security feature that secures the connection between the server and the user in the site. So how can you setup HTTPS in a blogger blog. before you read any further please note that this article is for blogger users with blogger sub domain and not a custom domain. For now only the sites that run on the blogger sub domain has this feature for now. So how can you set this up on your blogger blog?

Before we go ahead with setting up here is a few benefits of having HTTPS site setup ed on your blog.

SEO benefits and better ranking

Having a site or a blog with HTTPS setup ed is having a lot of benefits in the long term SEO. The Google updates are clear on the new ranking factors and many of the SEO analyst says that having a site or a blog having HTTPS feature will bring you a lot of benefits. Sites and blgs with HTTPS setup has a higher hand in search engine ranking.

I am not interested to bore you with a lot of technical terms but it is good to have what you are about to do. Doing just for the sake for improving search engine ranking alone wont be a good choice.

What is HTTPS (Hyper-text transfer protocol) S (secure)

When you access a website and give in your information for any instance, there are chances that a third party leak your information as the connection established to the server is not secure. Having SSL certificate will secure the site with HTTPS and will prevent any middle man or third party leak all your information and thereby all your transactions and information you share among are secure.

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The following image will give you a small idea on the difference between HTTP and HTTPS.


Thus having a secured connection the site is not vulnerable to information leaks of the user. Google considers sites and blogs with HTTPS certificate in the SERP (search Engine Ranking Page).

So lets get started on setting up the HTTPS on the your blogger blog 🙂

Setting up the HTTPS for blogger is not as complicated as these terms sound. Anyone can set this up under a minute. By now you will be all ready to set HTTPS in the blog. So lets begin.

Before beginning please make sure you are under the following category

  • You are having a blog in platform
  • You are not having a custom domain in blogger for the domain you are about t0 set up HTTPS i.e you are having a

Steps for setting up HTTPS in Blogger

  1. Login to your Blogger dashboard and choose the site you are going to setup HTTPS
  2. Under the settings> Basics
  3. Enable-HTTPS-BlogSpot-blog

And that’s all you are blog is now available in both HTTP and HTTPS. You might encounter a few issues with the images and videos you have uploaded in the blog as the HTTPS in blogger will only secure the medias and attachments in the blogger server.

Feel free to drop in your queries and doubts in the comment box below. There are rumors that there is a probability that Google may let custom domain have HTTPS set up in Blogger. If so all the bloggers with custom domain will be able to set up the HTTPS for free.

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