Twitter is the best place where you can do trend setting. We all know that a single tweet from a celebrity reaches millions of twitter followers. In the recent years, Twitter has emerged as the glittering foundation for communication. Either good or bad news, twitter users shares the content which is similar to what’s happening on Facebook. Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows only 140 characters to share your thoughts for a single tweet. 

If you are good at creating attractive content in a short and sweet manner, many would like to follow you. Followers give consistent traffic to your profile.  

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Some people are using this platform for their personal use and some others utilizing Twitter for business. If you are the one who likes to exploit it for both personal and business use, you would be having a separate email address. In case, if you are having multiple twitter accounts, then managing those accounts with multiple email address brings you confusion. During that situation, you might think ” I want a single email address to manage multiple twitter accounts”. Cool.. Here I will tell you two awesome ways which give you an idea of linking multiple twitter accounts with one email. 

The only condition which I can say is that you have to be a Gmail user. If not having Gmail ID, then sign up to avail a Gmail address

Way 1: or 

While logging in with your gmail account, you could use either or domain. For example; if your mail id is, then is also your id. Choose any one type and you will get logged into your mailing address. 
So, if you want 2 twitter accounts, use for the first account and for the second account. Twitter will consider these mailing address as different ID’s. Now you have been successfully linked 1 email address with 2 Twitter accounts. All the notifications from both accounts will be delivered to your Gmail inbox.

Way 2: Invisible dot (.) Trick

Dots or full stop are invisible to Gmail. Use one or many dots in your mail address anywhere and Gmail will not see those dots and allows you to log into your account. But Twitter will seriously look at these dots and take it as different email accounts. 
For example; again if your mail id is, use dot (.) anywhere between the characters like,, Simply, use the Way 2 to create many Twitter accounts with single Gmail account.

I think this is a bug in Gmail than a feature, but we can again manipulate it to have a different kind of email address in the social network.

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Other than a dot (.), Gmail won’t consider the mail address having underscores (_), hyphens (-), semicolon (;) etc as the same account. The characters in Gmail address is case insensitive, so it’s not a problem if you enter upper or lower case letters

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To Sum Up

Gmail and Yahoo are the most popular mailing services, but Gmail lets you create an endless alias. So instead of creating multiple Yahoo emails, opt for Gmail service to take advantage of alias feature.