Cons and Pros of iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s phone which any would aspire for but care about the space a 64GB or 128 GB but never a 16 GB if you are someone who care for your video or photos. iPhone 6 was the most expected phone in 2015. It came out with live photos which helps lots of them to share their pic (only with iPhone users). The 6s is the improved version of 6 though there isn’t much of upgrade in 6s it is still Apple. Except for the 3D touch, camera, and the A9 chip set. The S in 6s stands for speed with the A9 processor and double the ram speedier wireless via improved Wi-Fi antennas and access to quicker TE data networks and a faster Touch ID sensors on the home button. This process is so fast that you barely see the lock screen. The size is just right for anyone to use it comfortably. The sleek and slim design is just a perfect mixture that Steve jobs always wanted, it is good to know that Tim Cook is able to keep up with what Steve jobs always wanted. iPhone is not a brand which everyone could afford thus it has its own credibility which makes it royal.

Pros of iPhone 6s


Except for the ceramic metal feel and slightly protruding camera there’s not much of a difference from iPhone 6. There is a marginal change in thickness which is likely to facilitate the new 3d touch is light and thin with a premium build which is a joy to hold. It is not just the joy to hold, the beautiful iPhone in your hand but the immense pleasure that the phone making the others jealous of you. Thus it’s iPhone

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3d touch

The 3d touch is the biggest and the best change for iPhone 6s from any other iPhone which gives the ability to interact with on-screen instructions in different ways. By pressing the icon or message a bit harder you would be able to see a new menu popping up. Thought it’s good to see the new 3d effect you might not be sure if you use it because it’s not so useful for simple users.


While iPhone 6 has an 8 MP camera 6s came out with 12 MP snapper which is a big jump. Compared to Samsung galaxy S6 with 16 MP and Sony Xperia Z5 with 23MP Apple has to keep up with its standards. The snapping speed still remains the same which makes the company not fall below the standards. Selfies in complete darkness work better than daylight (little hyped), but the clarity is crazy as it compared with any other phone. Camera clarity in IPhone 6s cannot be compared to any other phone which has been invented yet. Even though its MP is less compared to any other mobile nothing gives the colour clarity that IPhone gives.

Chipset and RAM

Apple has upgraded its chipset in the shape of A9 as it expected to bring with it a number of changes good things such as long lasting battery, the phone will run faster and will have a better gaming experience as expected better than anything. This one of the best aspect in all of IPhones have in all time. This phone would never make you wait there are lots of people in the world who just keep waiting for a silly app to open. With A9 and its unidentified RAM IPhone will never make you wait. It is so fast that it beats the speed of light( HYPED :p).

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This is the most upgraded s variant iPhone that you will the past there wasn’t much of an upgrade from iPhone 5 to 5s or in 4. A new colour variant has been introduced which is rose gold. It is one of its kind. With a phone like this you could never expect a battery life, in the test the battery stood for 10.5 hours in airplane mode but this is not why you buy an IPhone. It has more and better battery life than most of the smart phone. With all these feature IPhone it is not just a phone it is more than what a normal human need in his life to communicate with sheer pleasure of uniqueness. Go get this phone if you are not owning an IPhone 6 and looking for some new frames. Before that check out how it can improve its features, though I am no one to comment on it. After all its IPHONE.

Cons of iPhone 6s

Old screen

The company did not upgrade its screen. Apple has one of the lowest resolution screens compared to all the phone compared to its flagship. But laminated to glass and high colour graphics makes it still beautiful.


Though it has increase its MP from 8 to 12 it cannot be compared with phone with same range of price. Apple still has an annoying part of the camera which is sliding the finger up and down to change the exposure as the only way of altering the photos which is a difficult task.

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The 64-bit system can’t be used properly as the phone does not have the necessary 4 GB of ram which is need to make use of it. It has 1 GB from the past, with 2GB now powering the phone from underneath. This can make the games app and camera run much more smoothly at the same time. As the Apple is not mentioning it’s RAM and clock speed of its chipset is making it traditional in approach. Well it cannot be compared with any other android or cyanogen mod phone, since it is completely out of league.


Thought it is the most impressive variant there is no point in buying iPhone 6s if u are having an iPhone 6 with you because with these little upgrades it doesn’t make much of a difference. This would be a greater choice if you are looking for a new phone at this range.