How to root Yu Yuphoria: This guide will help you root your Micromax Yu Yuphoria. This method involves unlocking boot loader and installing custom recovery.

Micromax is a growing and aspiring company that has been launching two successful devices recently, The Yu Yureka and the Yu Yuphoria. The price and the performance attracted load of customers to buy the phone and I would say Yuphoria is one hell of a phone to consider. But for those who are not satisfied by the customization and performance it gives, you are at the right place. Lets root this baby up.

For all those starters who are not aware of what is rooting, please stand by for a moment and make sure you know what you are doing.

What is rooting? Am I doing the right thing?

Rooting is the process of gaining root access to the phone. Gaining power user rights of course. So what’s wrong in it? With great power comes great responsibilities, exactly with all the freedom on the phone no one will stop you from changing any of the stock values in the phone. That is you can increase the clock speed voltage flows and everything. So getting thing clear to you. Lets roll..

NOTE: This root guide is for educational purpose only, any burned and dead phones are not our responsibility. Do it at your own risk. Don’t worry, our team of professionals will always cover your sorry phones. So got into a problem? Chill out and drop the doubts down in the comments.

So what can you do after rooting the phone?

  • So what is that you can’t do? Enjoy the power of controlling what you want!
    Change the boot logo, fonts, themes and icons
  • Change the notification lights (Sorry Yuphoria has no notification lights 🙁  )
  • Change the clock speed and voltage (only for the pros)
  • Change recovery, install new recovery, touch recovery and all sorts of recoveries.
  • Full control in short
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Before you root we have a few requirements

  1. First of all, you need to have Developer Options enabled on your Yuphoria. To enable developer mode, go to your Settings app and then tap the About Phone option. In there, scroll down to find the Build Number field. Tap this field at least 7 times, till a toast message saying “You are now a developer!” appears. The Developer Options option should now be available in your Settings app. You can see that in the bottom of the settings.
    Note: Don’t get overwhelmed, they call my 3 year cousin brother who clicked it unknowingly 7 times. Anyway keep going
  2. Charge your device to a full 100% I dont take risks. Pros just leave it 50%+
  3. The phone (Yuphoria only) of course and a PC
  4. Download all these tools ( They are required for rooting)

Lets get started with rooting Yuphoria

How to unlock the Boot loader of the Yu Yuphoria!
Before you continue with the tutorial, don’t forget to turn on USB debugging. (Fire up settings, go all the way down to “About phone” and tap on the build number until it says “You’re now a developer”. Of course you’ll find USB Debugging option in the developer option that will be newly pinned on to the main settings).
1.Extract the adb_fastboot file to a new folder in your computer (I would prefer C drive for that). (Downloads given at the end of the article)
2.Now, boot your phone into fast boot mode! Wondering how? Shut your phone down, connect your phone to your PC, while pressing the volume button. Yes, you’ll have to press and hold the volume button (making this tutorial, a little noob friendly).
3. After the driver installation (now that’s usual on a Windows PC, right?). Navigate to the folder where you’ve extracted adb_fastboot file (the one on the STEP 1). Open command prompt on that window (Hold down shift and right click anywhere in the folder and select “Open Command Prompt Here”).
4.The command prompt will show up as expected.
5.Here comes the interesting part (Unlocking the boot loader part). Type “fastboot -i 0x2A96 devices” to see if your machine has actually detected your phone or not.
6. Now type, “fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock” command to unlock the bootloader (and it easy as that compared to, how you unlock the bootloader of a Motorola device, it’s pretty complicated).
7. And now, type, “fastboot -i 0x2A96 reboot” to reboot your system (phone)

Install the Temporary recovery!

Now, that’s what you call hotbooting a recovery. To do this follow the below steps!
1. Copy the “yuphoria-cwm-recovery” file to the folder where you’ve stored the ADB files. Using the same old method, go to fastboot and also open the Command Prompt in that window (don’t make me say that again).
2. Type down the command “fastboot –i 0x2A96 boot yuphoria-cwm-recovery.img”, and yeah, it’ll boot you into your custom recovery (CWM)
Time to ROOT your Yuphoria
1. Copy the SuperSU file to you external SD card.
2. Select “install zip from SD card”.
3. Navigate to the place where you’ve kept the SuperSU file.
4. Now, click on “Yes”, and that’s how you flash the SuperSU binaries!
Ta-da! Your new Yuphoria is now ROOTED and you can do all those weird stuffs I do with your ROOTED Yuphoria!


Download the Yu Yuphira Rooting Kit from here!
Got stuck in a boot logo after rooting? Don’t panic we have the solution here 
Got Questions?
Hell yeah, that’s why we’re here! Scribble that down in the comments section below, and we’ll get to you at the earliest!


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