Paytm has created a great value by providing quality products at great discount and cashback but some people may not require cashback of paytm instead they require cash back to their bank account, Don’t worry i will help you to get paytm cashback back to your bank account.



Paytm provides great cashback offers but remember according to paytm terms and policies cashback is a part of their marketing offer and will only be credited to paytm account wallet and you cannot transfer it to bank account instead you can use it for shopping in paytm where you can find varieties of items and you are also eligible for cashback again if there is any offer provided, you can also recharge your DTH, mobile etc. Paytm is also partnered with many other companies like uber, taxi for sure, Book my show, makemytrip etc. where you can make payments directly with paytm wallet. You also have lot more to do with paytm wallet money but if you still think you require paytm cashback back to your bank account you can continue and follow the steps correctly to get cashback back to bank account.

Remember to get cashback back to your bank account you should still not have purchased the desired product if so continue or else stop here.

step 1

Select the desired product which you want to buy from paytm and Let’s assume the product as ‘A’ and the cost of it is rs 30,000 and the cashback which paytm provides  is rs 10,000. Don’t buy the product ‘A’ now only just select it and keep.

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step 2

Now select a product which is worth exactly rs 10,000 or slightly less than that and don’t choose a product which is worth more than rs 10,000. Now let’s assume this product as ‘B’.

step 3

Now before buying product ‘A’ you will have to buy the product ‘B’ add the product ‘B’ to the cart and proceed to payment and make the payment using Debit/ Credit card or Net banking after making the successful payment return to your orders in paytm mobile app and cancel the product ‘B’ which you booked just now.

step 4

After you cancel the product ‘B’ go back to your paytm wallet and check if there is a option called Refund rs 10,000 for cancellation of the product if you have proceed further and don’t press the refund button now only.

step 5

Now book your desire product i.e, product ‘A’ and make the payment remember payment should be made by using rs 10,000 paytm wallet money and remaining rs 20,000 using Debit/ Credit card or Net banking. After successful payment wait for the product to be shipped once the product is shipped you will receive your cashback with in 24 hrs of shipment. Once you receive the cash back go to your paytm wallet and click the refund option. Success you finished it now you will get the paytm cashback back to your bank account with in 3 to 7 working days.

Got stuck in some step? need some assistance? don’t worry we are here to help you out just leave a comment or type your question in the contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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