Starting of a new forum? Yes and you are here to find out how to push in user engagement in the new forum you need. Staring of forum and taking it to a full time engaged forum is not simple, it takes times and will make you wonder why nothings happening. Don’t worry by the end of this you will get to know how to supercharge your forum with full time user engagement. By following this I will guarantee you a full time user engaged forum in a month.

First things first.

Have a team in hand, I mean a team of five or six people who can be up all the time in the initial push face of the site. The chances of having user engagement in the site from the site is nearly impossible. So what is the way around. Use your team and post as man threads and reply to them by the same team members. You will have to do this for a week, use keywords and long posts so you can reach on top of the search results.

Manipulate the existing forums.

Find you competitors and redirect users from there, make sure you don’t spam those forums and get banned. Make a list of niche forums and promote your audience from there.

What Quora and Reddit do in the initial stage  to bring in more user engagement?

Quora and Reddit had the same problem in the beginning. No users= empty site/Empty site= No users

What Quora did.

On Quora founders simply answered and asked questions in the site themselves for the first month. They just kept posting and pushing the by themselves until users started pouring in and they no longer had to put in any efforts.

 What Reddit did.

Reddit in the other hand had a different approach, they created as many fake accounts they could make. They kept on posting and creating fake accounts until they did not have to do so. It took them a few months, but now they just dont have to do anything.

So initially what you do is up to you, to create fake accounts or to post by yourself. In the end you need users engaging in the site and you just have to have to follow your instincts.

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