Clash of Clans with more than 100 million downloads is one of the most downloaded games in Android and Iphone devices. With a huge audience this game is addictive and exciting through out. But it looks like Clash of Clans has reached it’s declining stage. Not that I am saying it does not have the potential to fight to stay on the top of the ‘grossing’ list. People are getting bored out playing the game on and on. Maybe Super Cell comes up with a new update in the game like what they did last time to retain user engagement.

Allien Creeps

Not at all similar to Clash Of Clans, a very good strategy game I would say. Its in its rising stage and we can hope to see a lot of changes very soon. But until then the game is a brain smelter and terrifically built without any bugs. The game is tough though and there are times when you will have to buy new heroes (they are never free). With a few set backs the game still manages to engage user to the maximum, worth giving a try.

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Marvel Contest of Champions

Unlike any of these games I mentioned I cant say that it’s a full strategy game. But it is a very interesting action game with almost all the heroes from Marvel joined together. The game requires a full time internet connection and does support one on one online matches. There is a good chance for this game to be on the top of ‘grossing’ lists in play store.

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The game comprises of many online events too. The online community also is a very interactive one that increase the user engagement in the game.

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Good Game Empire

I wouldn’t rate much more for this game but yes this is a game you could enjoy if you figure out how to play. The game is jut too complicated. If you are patient enough to stay and learn the game then why not give a try? The game is a strategy game just like Clash Of Clans with a bigger headache and wars are not live (you don’t get to see em fight ).

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