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Fix the error pop ups and crashes in android by rebooting your android to safe mode.

What happens when your Android device winds up getting bogged down with malware to the point where you can’t get to the Google Play Store to remove said malware? Believe it or not, this happens. When it does, you’re going to need to know how to boot Android into safe mode.

Safe mode is something which is very common for Windows users. Users normally reboots their machine in Safe Mode when they are having some issues related to crash, freeze or hang-up of the phones. This same issues can also be found on Android devices. Many times some third-party applications create some unusual function on the device causing it to crash or freeze. Many time you cant even reboot your device to solve this issue. But now you can solve it very easily by rebooting your android phone in Safe Mode.

The best part is that when you reboot your android phone in Safe Mode it does not load any kind of third party application. Therefore if your having trouble of crashing, freezing or battery issues, you can easily boot your device in Safe Mode and can check weather your device perform as intended or not.


Steps for rebooting your android to safe mode


Start as normally yo start to reboot your device that is hold or press the power button for three to five seconds you will be prompted with with three options as normal that is ‘Power off’, ‘Reboot’, ‘Flight mode’.

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Now in that three options long press the power button for about three to five seconds you will be prompted with Reboot to safe mode.



Select ok then wait for your device to reboot will after if is done your android will be in safe mode to verify that you are in safe mode in the bottom left there will in writing as “safe mode”. You can see how it appears in the below screen shot.





Remember When in Safe Mode, the apps which are built-in with your android phone will only be accessible and the other third-party apps and widgets will be disabled. Now you can easily check for the issues that you were having related to crash, freeze or anything unusual. If you don’t find any issues related to freeze or rebooting or crash while you are in safe mode, then it is for sure that their is some problem in your third-party applications.

Since the third-party are disabled you can still uninstall them while in Safe Mode by going to Google play store and search for all the apps installed and uninstall the unwanted applications. Later then you can install them one by one and again check for the problematic application which is causing your device to certain issues.

After doing all the steps if you are still facing the same issues you can restore your settings but remember to backup all the important files, contacts, images etc before factory resetting your device.

To get back to normal mode again simply reboot your device again then your device will be back to as normally it was.

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Leave a comment if you find any difficulties in any step.


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