Stuck with your wifi speed in the PG you stay? Not able to download any stuffs from shared wifi ?

Then you have to read this complete post clearly to get your problem solved.

Remember only phones which are rooted can continue further

By this method you will be able to get the maximum speed of the broadband plan but other people who are using the same wifi will not get the wifi i mean their speed will be reduced to zero.

So this app is illegal and very dangerous to use in public places. Further Only android will not be responsible for any issues or legal consequences.

Now follow the steps correctly and don’t miss out a single step

Step 1: Download the app Wifi Kill Pro

Download and install the app Wifi kill pro from this link remember you will not find this app in Google play store since it is illegal to use. If you have any security app installed in your device you may probably have to uninstall for some time.




After Downloading and installing a screen with disclaimer will appear like below




Read the disclaimer carefully it is very important, further press ok button.

Step 2: Allow super user permissions

This app functions only for rooted devices so non rooted devices cannot enjoy this app.

After installing the next screen that appears is to allow super user permissions it is mandatory to allow super user permissions or you will not be able to use the app.

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Step 3: Click play, grab all, and finally kill all



After you install you can see the play button at the top right click that and you will be able to see all the ip address of the people connected to the device after that in the bottom left you will find grab all select that and finally click on kill all in the bottom right. Thats it you are done with it now check the speed of the wifi network it will surely be more than what you had previously Enjoy.

After every thing is done you will have to deselect kill all, grab all, and further click on pause button so that other people can use or else they will be wondering why the hell wifi is not working for them.


  • grabbing traffic, showing websites visited by grabbed device
  • showing bytes transferred by “grabbed device”
  • showing network names (netbios names) of devices
  • tablet friendly!
  • android 4.x only.


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