Apps not in playstore
Apps not in playstore

Play Store is world’s largest app store and you will find millions of app for every purpose here. However there are many apps which have been removed or blocked from play store due to some reasons. Some of these apps are so amazing that after using even you will think why Google removed them.
To download and install these apps you will have to make little changes in your device setting.
Go to Settings > Security > scroll down to find ‘Device Administration’. Enable installation from ‘unknown sources’ and you are good to go.

Please Note

Activating this feature wouldn’t harm your device in any way.
Some apps in the list requires root in order to work. If you are completely unknown to rooting I will suggest you to read How To Root Guide before starting and if possible do root your device too.
3. Download links for all apps are given at the end of the post.
4. All apps here are for personal use only and we are not responsible for any kind of misbehavior or harm.

So let’s start with apps similar to Play Store that is App markets.

  1. Amazon AppStore

Amazon’s Appstore allows free and paid apps to its users without paying any money. However, not all apps are free but you will find many popular paid apps here for free.

  1. BlackMart

BlackMart is the smartest alternative of Play Store and all other app markets available. As name suggest, here you will find all apps literally all apps for free. Be aware while downloading hacking related tools or other such unverified apps from here.

  1. Tubemate

Next awesome app on our list is Tubemate. Tubemate is a easy-to-use YouTube downloader which allows users to download any video from YouTube in all available qualities. Also download speed will be 6-10 times greater than your current network speed. Moreover, you can download mp3 file too. Cheers 🙂

  1. Lucky Patcher

After some downloading related apps now let’s see an offline working app. Lucky patcher is an advance app which helps users to:

  1. Uninstall pre-installed/System apps.
  2. Create .APK file of installed apps and share it with friends.
  3. Buy free credits, life and points in any game which have in-app purchase.
  4. Disable ad of a particular app or disable in-app purchases.
  5. And many more..

Only downside of Lucky Patcher is it requires Smartphone to be rooted in order to work. So if you are rooted then install this awesome app now.

  1. Popcorn Time

As name defines, Popcorn Time is an app through which users can stream any Movies, TV Shows, songs over the internet.
You will get everything here in good quality and for free.
Also, there is a website of same available too 🙂

  1. Whats App Plus

Whats App Plus is customized rather modified version of Whats App and provides many great features which Whats App fails to give.
You can read all features of Whats app Plus. What Makes Whatsapp Plus Different From Whatsapp
One thing I am sure is that after using Whats App Plus you will not like your original one anymore.

  1. Xposed Installer

We have downloaded Free Apps, Free Movies, customized our messaging, deleted pre-installed apps but what are we missing to customize are own phone. No worry we have an awesome app for that too 😉
Xposed Installer is a module which provides a platform for apps which can customize your Smartphone and can give it a whole new look. There is a whole lot more things this app can do but to name a few:

  • It can change your carrier, WiFi, time, watch icons.
  • Install themes of different UI like TouchWiz or Xperia.
  • Block ads on your device etc.

Download it and experience the awesomeness of this app by yourself.

  1. Adaway Ad-away, as the name speaks is a utility app for rooted android users which will block the ads from all of your apps and will provide you an ad-free experience that too for free.
  1. WiFi Kill Pro

Using a public WiFi? Or too many people are connected to the same WiFi network and you are getting slow speed? Here comes WiFi Kill Pro to save you from suffering this problem.
WiFi Kill Pro is an awesome tool which kills the WiFi means it removes all the users except you from selected WiFi thus freeing Bandwidth and providing you ultra fast internet experience. But, you will need to be rooted to use this awesome app

  1. SB Game Hacker
    Shared Everything related to apps but not games? I have something for game lovers too 🙂
    SB Game Hacker is an easy-to-use app which helps you too change rather increase game’s score to any point. Use this app, increase your points to some millions and show-off against your friends. Enjoy.

Download Section:

Download .APK files (Google Drive)

Download Amazon AppStore
Download BlackMart
Download Tubemate
Download Lucky Patcher
Download Popcorn Time

Download Whatsapp Plus
Download Xposed Installer
Download Adaway (Android 4.1 Or greater)
Download Adaway (Less than Android 4.1)
Download WiFi Kill Pro
Download SB Game Hacker

These were 10 most amazing and free apps which aren’t available on Google Play Store but are on Google 😉 Do share your experience and thoughts about these apps.
If you have faced any difficulty ask for a solution in comments section below. Also share this post on your favorite social media sites and with your friends.

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