lazy blogger
lazy blogger

Writing great articles for the site is the hardest part in blogging. But wait there is a very good alternative to do the job clean. Wondering how? Blogging has to be dealt with content and content has always been the king, When content becomes king lazy blogger like me saw the worst nights with root beers and sprinkles. That is when I actually figured out how to bring in more content for the site.

Creating content became easy ever since.

Just follow these methods to start generating frequent content for your blog.

Start accepting Guest Posts.

Guest Posts can really do the trick. I started receiving Guest posts and there started the magic. 10- 15% of the content in is guest posts. You probably( actually its obvious ) wont get any posts until you built your ranks up. I would suggest you increase the Alexa rankings.

Before you start of with the Guest Posting make sure you have a few stuffs ready for action.

1) You should have a page that defines the regulations and stuffs you will be placing. Take a look at my Guest Posting guidelines.

2) Make sure you are not too lazy that you take in a lot of guest content and loose the authenticity of the blog. Guest posters typically posts articles on your blog to increase backlinks or to do the same on traffic.

3) Check for the quality of the posts. Make sure the content you post is genuine and original. Make use of online plagiarism tools to check on that.

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4) Just do a background check. It will do you good. Its good to know a little bit about the authors.

5) Make sure the content is related to the site

6) Make sure the links included is safe

Engage more on

It aint that hard trust me on this one. Take up you niche subject or category and start answering questions and involving in discussions. This is actually interesting and rewarding. You will get a lot of ideas that will help you through the process. If you are my subscriber you might be wondering why I mention quora more often. Nothing that I am so into it. It is just rewarding, it drives me loads of traffic. Wondering how I do that?

How to drive more traffic to sites using Quora?

Idea is something scares when it comes to blogging. ,If you are writing about a specific niche, chances are you know  a lot about the stuff you are doing. You have placed yourself in a higher position and you dont see whats happening underneath you. Quora will just give you the realization that you are way ahead of millions. All you have to do is redirect traffic from there. Simple as that.

Give away some sub domains from your parent domain.

This is only applicable if you are having a self hosted domain. This is what I did, I found a few potential Bloggers and asked them if they would like to have a sub domain @

For my luck most of them agree now I have 3 sub domains in my site that runs well. Its worth checking out.

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Are they mad?? They just started writing for you just like that?

Technically yes but there is something else that they thought off. Since runs has a decent rank in Alexa and stays in as a higher domain. Getting Google Adsense is not a  hard task after all. And they will see the rise in ranks even if any of the site is matured or accelerated.

It is also a one hand door to private blog network.

That told, if you are ever interested in having a subdomain