Will your android battery drain fast? Does playing games in android consume more battery? Are you unable to stop background apps running which consumes more battery?

Well no worries i will help you sort it out with simple and few steps. By simply following this method your android will save your battery upto 50% . This app has been ranked in top 3 battery consumption reducing app in the year 2013 which was developed by Oasis feng. You can run this app in both rooted and non rooted features but rooted devices enjoy more features and this app stands in top 3 app for rooted devices.

So now want to check out the app here it is




Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving or more battery consuming apps into hibernation when you are not using them or when you don’t require it completely, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery, in a most unique way. They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground.

Greenify does not disable your app it just hibernates in you can use the hibernated app normally as you do where as in titanium backup pro it freezes your app completely and disables it.

Now both rooted and non rooted device can enjoy auto hibernate of apps which will automatically hibernate all the selected apps. Non rooted devices requires android version 4.1+ and needs to be enabled in experimental features in settings.

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Follow the steps correctly to get maximum battery in your android

step 1: Download the app greenify

You can directly download the app from this link after skiping the add in 5 sec or you can even install it from google play store. The above link will be updated as and when there is a update available for this app.

step 2: Run the app

After installing the app for non rooted devices there wont be any permissions to be accepted but rooted devices has to allow the super user permissions to run this app if not you can run this app as non rooted device where there will be less features. Its recommended to allow permissions.


step 3: Select the required apps to be hibernated

You will find a option with plus symbol (+) on the right side top of the page select that after that you will find all the app installed in your device select all the apps except you would wish to run in background like cloud auto upload, whatsapp, alarm clock and all those apps which you rely on them.

Screenshot_2015-08-30-18-21-41                        Screenshot_2015-08-30-18-25-31


step 4: Select hibernate

After selecting all the required app to be hibernated in right side bottom you will find select button select that then all your selected apps gets hibernated if you have selected for some internal app which has to compulsorily run in background you will find an error like this


then select those apps again and dehibernate those apps. After that hibernate the apps again after process is completed you will find something like this

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Screenshot_2015-08-30-18-28-19At the top you can see hibernated then its done. Its recommended to install Xposed installer app for rooted device to get maximum benefit.

To get Pro version of greenify install lucky patcher and install the custom patcher. Leave a comment to get any help in installing pro version.

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