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Prove your mom you are in college even though you are enjoying in a movie, tell your friend you are below Eiffel tower pairs but actually you don’t have to be there you can prove them by relaxing in your house, enjoy late night

parties by convincing your wife that you are in your work place. Is all these possible?

Yes it is possible, wondering how? you can fake your location in almost all the apps including Google maps, whats app, messenger, and any other app which uses your location.

Lied your girlfriend or boyfriend, stuck with them by telling a lie that you are somewhere else don’t panic i am there to help you out you can fake your whats app location and prove them you are exactly where you want.

Is all these at free of cost?

Yes all you can do at free of cost all you have to do is just follow all the steps correctly and subscribe for the page for latest updates. You require android phone with OS version 1.5 and above. Fake GPS spoofer is the app all you require to perform all these activities which is developed by incorporate apps.


step 1: Download fake GPS spoofer app

Download the fake gps spoofer from Google play store or from here. Install the app.

step 2: Enable mock location

This step is very important if this step is not done properly then your idea of spoofing your location will not work out. By enabling mock location your device will be accessible to set mock location. open settings scroll down to developer option if this option does not appear in settings then select the option about phone then select build number. Tap Build number option for 8 times continuously then go back you will find developer option.

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Open developer option and enable it then scroll down to allow mock location and check mark it.



step 3: Select gps mode to device only

After allowing mock location go back to settings and and find the option location in settings after selecting the location option there will be a option called MODE select that you will be prompted to select any one of three option available (High accuracy, Battery saving, Device only) in that select device only option.




step 4: Run the installed app

Open the fake gps spoofer app installed from play store or downloaded from here. Search for which location you want to be and press the play button you can verify weather you have done all the steps correctly by opening Google maps and the current location in Google maps shows the location selected in fake location spoofer.

You are done now you can spoof your location in any app like Facebook, whats app, uber cabs, instagram etc.


The free version of this app will be destructive because it contains too much adds you will find paid version of the same app developed by incorporate app in which you can enjoy the app with zero adds and many other premium features added to the app.




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