COC (Clash Of Clans)

Clash of clans has become the most loved strategy game in android and unlike all other games people find it very hard to hack it using any game files to manipulate or edit. Even lucky patcher failed to do so. So is it really possible? It is but wait before you smile. It will take more than a beginner or an an amateur to do so. And even if he does crack and get a lot of gems.

“SuperCell” the developer of the game is a very active server which keeps track of all the resource flow in the game. So you go with all the head ache and finally manages to crack it and within a week you find your account blocked. Annoying? Yes the only way to play Clash Of Clans in your advantage is to learn strategy. I have been playing COC (Clash Of Clans) for more than a year and one thing I learned from that game is not to rush your base. Only upgrade your town hall until and only if you have maxed all your resources and defenses. Save up your coins. Start spending only after you have 5 builders(yes jaws dropped). Never run behind trophies, you will suffer. And the only way to go around is to pay and get the resources. I am not going to pay any money on a simple strategy game still keeping the fact that the game is addictive and awesome. So stop wasting time on searching for hacks around the net. This is the fact. There are a lot of sites that will tell you that they will give you 999999 gems if you just do a survey, I wont stop you understand its all fake by your own experience. Since I am only lvl 65 I am still not aware of much of all the strategies out there. If you are good at Clash Of clans or if you think you have a hack or a better strategy please let me know in the comments.

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